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7 Best Tried-And-Tested Under-Desk Treadmills To Get Your Steps In While Working In 2022

Now that's what I call multi-tasking.

under desk treadmills with a desk and without for walking and running
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Walking has gained major popularity as a source of cardio and brain health. Whether you're doing it to clear your mind or lose weight, there's no arguing that walking is a great way to stay active, no matter where you are—yup, even at your (home) office thanks to the invention of the under-desk treadmill.

It's no secret that a lot of us are living sedentary lifestyles, and as much as you know how important it is to stay active, it can be seriously hard to make the time to do so. That's what makes these under-desk treadmills so popular. Sure, a standing desk is great, but just imagine having your morning coffee, answering emails, or even getting on video calls while getting some steps in.

Peep some of the best tried-and-tested under-desk treadmills here:

Is an under-desk treadmill worth it?

I got my foldable treadmill a few months ago and have used it every single day since. Since it's so compact, I slide it right under my couch and since it's right there, I'll even pick it up to clock in a walk or run while I'm FaceTiming my sister or watching a movie. But, don't just take it from me—hundreds of thousands of reviewers are obsessed with them. You'll see more on each of the Internet's favorite under-desk treadmills below, but reviewers say that having one has saved them time and the worry of having to think about when they're going to be able to get some activity in to their day.

What features should you look for?

The great thing is that there are tons of options out there for under-desk treadmills, so it's all about considering what your priorities are, and I've organized them all by what's best for each lifestyle. But, one feature I made sure each one of these has is a remote control. Since most under-desk treadmills are completely flat, a remote will allow you to safely and easily adjust your tread's speed while you work.

If you have a baby at home, you probably want the quietest treadmill. Maybe you just want to build some strength with incline walking while talking work calls—there's a compact incline treadmill that people love. You'll also want to look out for the speed range on each. If you want to be able to use your treadmill for both walking and running, look for a machine that goes to at least a speed of four miles per hour.

Lastly, consider weight. Are you going to be keeping your treadmill under your desk all the time? If so, you'll be set with a heavier machine. But, if you're planning on moving it around or folding it up under your couch when you're not using it, opt for something that's under 50 pounds.

There are options below for every preference and lifestyle. See below for the best, most highly reviewed and rated under-desk treadmills in 2022.

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