If your go-to workout routine feels meh, and you’re just clocking in time solely to get your heart rate up, it’s time for a serious fitness shake-up. But…what’s next?

There are a lot of exercise options out there, and it’s kinda-definitely overwhelming to even try to narrow them down. You could make a list and make your way down it, sampling a little of everything until you find your new exercise jam. Or you can turn to astrology to discover a workout that’s basically made for your personality. The latter will save you a lot of time, cash, and energy you can use for those new sweat sessions—just sayin’.

We consulted Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology, to find out what your sign says about which workouts are the best personality fits for you. (Hey, maybe you'll stick to it for good.)

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Ahead, your new exercise routine, according to, you know, the universe...


Your best workout match: high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

You’re competitive, Aries, and you like to go all in with workouts. You also like starts and stops, which is why HIIT is basically perfect for you. You can compete against yourself and change things up a ton so you don’t get bored.

Try this advanced HIIT workout from trainer Kelsey Wells:

preview for Kelsey Wells | Advanced HIIT Workout


Your best workout match: Boxing

You and other members of Team Bull get fired up and want to charge. Take out all that energy on a punching bag, or while sparring with a trainer. It’ll keep you on your toes ­and let you call the shots—both key qualities for you.

Try this box and burn workout from instructor Amy Kiser:

preview for Amy Kiser - Box and Burn


Your best workout match: Bootcamp

You’re super-social, and you thrive in pretty much any situation involving other people. At the same time, you need a little variety in your life. A bootcamp workout lets you mix things up and work up a sweat while chatting with your BFF about the latest Bachelorette episode. A total win-win.

Try this bootcamp partner workout featuring Tone It Up's Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott:

preview for Full Body Workout with Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn | Tone It Up | Women's Health


Your best workout match: Swimming

You’re a water sign and it just feels right to be cruising through the pool. You also like to work your core and, hello, swimming is practically all core, all the time. Just make sure you pick a location where you are comfortable, because you will not be feeling it otherwise.


Your best workout match: Dance cardio

Sure, you know that working out is clutch and you’re here for it. But you also don’t want to feel like the whole thing is work. Dance cardio is the ideal way to channel your energy and have a blast, while making you forget that it's a sweat session. Let loose, Leo!

Try this high-intensity dance cardio sizzle session:

preview for High Intensity Dance Cardio Sizzle


Your best workout match: Running

You like routine, Virgo, and that’s why pounding the pavement and crushing a regular treadmill workout is so good for you. Find a few gorgeous routes you’re into and have at them—the consistency will feel sooo good.

Here's what a fitness editor packs for the *perfect* run:

preview for What a Fitness Editor Packs for the Perfect Run | Women’s Health + Asics


Your best workout match: Barre

There are two major requirements for your workout, Libra: It needs to be social and has to have an artsy spin. Barre will check off those qualities. You’ll get enjoy the latest hits while practicing ballet-style moves—and you can chat with your friends before and after class.

Check out these 12 barre-inspired classes:

preview for 12 Barre Inspired Exercises


Your best workout match: Pilates

You like to put in the work and see results, Scorpio, and you also love setting goals and beating them. You can really dive into Pilates thanks to the high level of intensity. It's a workout where you are constantly continuing to push yourself and perfect your form and muscular endurance.

Try these 12 Pilates exercises:

preview for 12 Pilates Exercises


Your best workout match: Biking

Sag, you’re just happier outside—and more power to you. So, grab your bike and get out there. You’ll revel in the freedom of traveling wherever you please, and working up a sweat in the process.


Your best workout match: Strength training

Fun fact: Capricorn rules muscles and bones, basically making you a fitness goddess. Still, if you want something you’ll totally ace, strength training is it. You can give those muscles a serious workout while creating new goals for yourself that are specific and measurable.

Try this strength-training workout from Autumn Calabrese:

preview for Strength Training Workout | Autumn | Transformations


Your best workout match: Peloton

You need something trendy to keep you engaged, Aquarius. And, if there’s some kind of gadget involved, even better. Peloton lets you be on the cutting edge while also providing a social element that you crave.

Want more info on the biggest fitness trends and tech of the moment? Head here:


Your best workout: Yoga

You just like to get into the ~flow~ and there’s no better way to do it than with a solid yoga sesh. You’ll appreciate tracking your progress as you get stronger and stronger, along with all those amazing mental health perks.

Try this chill yoga flow:

preview for Chill Yoga Flow