9 Chronic Pain Warriors You Should Be Following on Instagram

Their collective perseverance will inspire you—no matter what you’re going through.

chronic pain influencers

Living with chronic pain can often be an isolating and lonely battle. Thankfully, social media has become an amazing outlet for sharing honest experiences and breaking the stigma associated with any number of diseases. Here are 9 women dealing with chronic pain or autoimmune disease, while remaining an inspiration to all their followers—both sufferers and non-sufferers alike.

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Laura Mason
laura mason
Laura Mason/Instagram

Lives with: rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s disease, and vitiligo

Laura, 32, is a mother of two and uses her Instagram and food blog, Love Chef Laura, to share her love of food—especially desserts, like these Vegan Thin Mints—to inspiring messages. Her mission? To help others with autoimmune diseases heal with delicious and healthy foods.

“I started Love Chef Laura to share my love of cooking and baking with real wholesome ingredients,” she wrote in April 2020, noting that the right diet helps her manage inflammation and flare-ups. The blog is chock-full of grain-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free recipes, like vegan salted carmel blondies and Thai coconut curry turkey meatballs.

Follow her @lovecheflaura

Jeannie B.
jeannie b
Jeannie B./Instagram

Lives with: Tarlov cyst disease, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and adhesive arachnoiditis

Jeannie is a wife and mom of four who lives with a multitude of autoimmune and connective tissue disorders, some of which cause pain and difficulty with mobility that often require her to use a walker. How does does she continue living her best life? It’s the little things, she says, like taking care of her looks, and making sure to get up and at ‘em every day she can. For example, she and her family started “Fancy Friday”, where they all get dressed up in their best outfits to have something to look forward to. This little ritual encourages her to get up and ready once a week, no small feat for someone suffering from so much pain. “As my health declined, I would go days or weeks without getting out of bed,” she shared in October.

Follow her @alittleaboutalot

Jaime Burnett
jamie burnett
Jamie Burnett/Instagram

Lives with: gastroparesis and intestinal failure

Jaime, 22, lives in Maryland and launched her Instagram account, Relentlessly Sassy, and an accompanying website, to help others living with gastroparesis and other autoimmune diseases that require feeding tubes. She’s fearlessly honest in her posts, documenting painful treatments and visits to the hospital, but she presents it all with a healthy dose of humor. Check out her feed for tips and tricks about being ‘tubed’, her faith, her fiancé Drew, how she stays positive, her hardships, and, snaps of her miniature yellow lab Millie.

Follow her @relentlesslysassy


Lives with: alopecia areata

Mirna, 38, lives in southern California and documents her life as a mom with the hair-loss disease alopecia. After she was diagnosed three years ago, she was inspired to share her many wigs on Insta. She has tons of fun styles and every color from blonde to brunette. One of her favorites is an ombre blue ‘Arctic’ wig.

“Don’t wait until you are desperate like I did,” she wrote in November. “Allow yourself the time to go through the motions, to learn about wigs and get comfortable with them. I feel confident. I feel beautiful. I love my wigs, so much so that I’ll never stop wearing them. I love my NEW NORMAL,” she shared in September 2020.

Follow her @mama.is.bald

Marti Hines
marti hines
Marti Hines/Instagram

Lives with: multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia, and osteomyelitis

Marti, a documentary film maker and producer, uses her creative talents to document the good days and bad days of life with an autoimmune disease and chronic pain conditions. She was diagnosed in 2018 at 35 years old with MS, and created Marti’s MS Life, which is both a YouTube and an Instagram account, to be a resource for other multiple sclerosis" warriors and the general public. Her goal is to create disease awareness and inspire others, especially women of color. “When every step that you take can feel excruciating, yet you still move forward—that’s real warrior status,” she shared.

Follow her @martismslife

Madison Bernard
madison bernard
Madison Bernard/Instagram

Lives with: median arcuate ligament syndrome, nutcracker syndrome, and superior mesenteric artery syndrome

In September, after almost 3 years of feeling sick “all the time” and having “severe stomach aches my whole life,” Madison, a high school senior, underwent two major surgeries, including having a feeding tube put in. "Now (my body) has to learn it’s new route to digesting foods and all. It will take time! Will it be rough? YES, but I can do this!" she shared while still recovering in the hospital.

In other posts she opens up about her treatments and her care team, as well as her fears, anxiety, and pain. “I want to help so many other people who go through this. My dms are always open.💖,” she wrote in October.

Follow her @madison_bernard

Genny Mack
genny mack
Genny Mack/Instagram

Lives with: lupus

Genny is a TrapAerobics (a high-energy dance class) instructor, and she doesn’t let her autoimmune disease, which causes fatigue and joint pain, get in the way of a kick-ass workout. Just check out her Instagram feed, which is packed with fitness inspo.

In 2018 she was hospitalized with Lupus and kidney complications and lost 30 pounds, but instead of letting that knock her down, she started a second Insta account, Genny Mack Meals, where she cooks Aloo Gobi, meatless ramen and other plant-based recipes that help her stave off lupus symptoms and keep her energy up.

Follow her @gennymack

Follow her @gennymackmeals

Nicole Buchanan
nicole buchanan
Nicole Buchanan/Instagram

Lives with: type 1 diabetes

Nicole is an artist who’s chosen to illustrate her story of living with Type 1 diabetes for 23 years. The illustrations are digital paintings that include pop-art portraits and inspirational messages. “We may have many scars, bumps, and bruises from the many pokes required of our disease. But they are a reminder of how strong and resilient we truly are🙏🏻,” she wrote in October.

Follow her @nicole.k.buchanan

Rocyie Wong
rocyie wong
Rocyie Wong/Instagram

Lives with: psoriasis

“13th year with Psoriasis, still trynna learn how to accept the skin that I am in,” wrote Rocyie on her feed. In her characteristically honest and straightforward style Rocyie uses her Insta to share the daily struggles of living with a chronic skin condition, openly discussing the mental health impact and educating her followers about misconceptions. “Still trynna remain soft when the days are hard; still trynna be comfortable about flaking everywhere,” she recently shared.

Follow her @rocyie

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