Have you been rooting for Jennifer Garner to find her happily-ever-after now that her ex Ben Affleck is living in newlywed bliss with J.Lo? I think everyone has. But TBH, she seems pretty happy right now.

Jen has been dating businessman John Miller for four years now. Us Weekly first linked them together back in 2018, with a source saying back then that things were “getting pretty serious.” Update: It’s still serious.

“Jen brings out the best in John, and he is the happiest he has probably ever been," another source said at the time. "It’s a loving, healthy relationship.”

But...who is that dude? Here's what you should know about Jen's +1, and their relationship.

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He runs his own company.

John is the CEO of a company called CaliGroup, which owns Miso Robotics and a chain of CaliBurger restaurants, according to Us Weekly. Here's a video if you want to learn more about the company (or, more importantly, check out what he looks like IRL):

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Cali Group CEO, John Miller Explains Benefits of a Face-Based Loyalty Program In Restaurants
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He was technically still married when they got together.

While Jen and Ben finalized their divorce on October 4, 2018, John's split from his ex was still pending when he and Jen got together. According to Us Weekly, John filed for divorce from his wife, concert violinist Caroline Campbell, after nine years of marriage in 2014. However, they had to wait on the judge to finish the paperwork for quite a long time.

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He has two kids.

Here's a quick refresher in case you need it. Jennifer has three children from her 10-year relationship with Ben Affleck: Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10. John also has a son, 16, and daughter, 14.

Jen and John’s kids first met at a food drive that was held in honor of her 50th birthday earlier this year, according to Us Weekly. "Lots of kids and family were invited, including John’s kids, his parents, his brother and his [brother's] wife," a source told Us. "It was casual and easy."

Ben is cool with him.

Not that it really matters, but apparently Ben has been pretty happy for Jen and her relationship. “Ben and Jen have immense love and respect for one another,” a source told Us Weekly back when they first started dating in 2018. “They still co-parent together and that will always come first. He will always be supportive of any decisions she makes and ultimately just wants her to be happy.”

They’ve been together for four years.

Since these two were already looking pretty serious back in 2018, that means they've been sticking it out together for about four years now. Still, they tend to keep their love on the DL.

“She loves how little he cares for the limelight or the whole Hollywood scenester stuff... Very different from Ben and J. Lo’s relationship in that way. You’ll never see them ham it up for the cameras or fixate about what events to attend together, it’s just not their style,” a source told Us Magazine.

Instead, the two are “happier being a regular, under-the-radar couple and don’t need anyone else’s validation to know they’re meant to be together,” the source said.

They briefly split in 2020.

Things haven't been all smooth sailing, it seems. Jen and John broke up for a bit in August 2020. However, they stayed “on friendly terms" during the break, according to InTouch.

Why did they break up? Apparently they wanted different things. “He was ready for marriage and she just couldn’t commit,” a source told Us. Still, they somehow managed to find common ground.

What have they said about their relationship?

Well, honestly, not much. These two don't seem at all interested in having their love life play out in the public eye. But thanks to some insider knowledge from people close to the couple, things seem to be going well.

“John is so smitten and caring, but not in an overbearing way,” a source told Us. “He gives Jen space when she needs it but he’s there for her when the chips are down or she’s in the mood for something spontaneous. They’ve enjoyed some wonderful getaways together … that’s one of their big things.”

How did Jennifer respond to Ben Affleck and J.Lo's marriage?

Jennifer hasn’t publicly commented on Ben’s marriage to J.Lo—which is pretty standard for her. But she did post a cheeky motivational quote on her Instagram Story soon after news broke of the Vegas nuptials.

"Hey if tacos can totally fall apart and still be amazing so can you,” it read.

And in the meantime, it looks like Farmer Jen is totally living it up in her garden this summer. And I am so here for it.

Everyone will just have to wait and see what's next for John and Jen!