This season of The Bachelorette has been one for the history books—between the two full-time bachelorettes, the 32 (!!) men, and, of course, the general confusion, chaos, and communication issues that ensued, it's been a doozy.

Things have definitely been pretty rocky so far, with lots of tears, a villain or two, and some mid-season baby daddy drama. Plus, everything has been going down on a cruise ship, with the gals searching for love during various stops in faraway places.

Bless Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia for their persistence and dedication to finding love. Your service, especially in Bruges/with Logan during episode 5, will not be overlooked, ladies.

And if they're lucky, perhaps they'll end their wine, cheese, and beach tours with a devoted hubby, making it onto the list of couples from the Bachelor Universe who are still together. Only time will tell.

But for now, you can stop holding your breath because Reality Steve just dropped a *ton* of season 19 finale spoilers and I am honestly confused, intrigued, and happy all at the same time. So, let’s dive in.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Stop reading here if you don't want to know what happens during season 19 of The Bachelorette!

Who made it to Gabby’s final four?

Reality Steve said he initially had trouble finding out who Gabby picked for her fourth hometown date, and there's a good reason for that: She only goes to hometowns with Erich Schwer, Jason Alabaster, and Johnny DePhillipo.

As it turns out, Nate Mitchell gets sent home in episode 6 after an emotional bench-cry from Gabby. Logan also gets sent home because he tests positive for COVID, and Spencer apparently didn't have the right spark. So, that leaves just three guys vying for Gabby's heart.

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Who made it to Rachel’s final four?

Aven Jones, Tyler Norris, Zach Shallcross, and Tino Franco make it through to the final four with Rachel. After the Logan's departure from Team Rachel in episode 5, things looked a little shaky. Nevertheless, Rachel’s love story persisted, but not without lots of tears.

Who makes it to Gabby’s final two?

Adios, Johnny! Jason and Erich end up in Gabby’s final two, but with a potential twist. Reality Steve said he heard from three sources that Jason may eliminate himself once he makes it to the last round, possibly leaving only Erich to go down on bended knee.

“To me, that’s still a rumor. But considering I did hear it from 3 people, if you’re asking me do I think it happened, I’d lean to about 60/40 maybe 65/35 that it does happen that way," Reality Steve writes. "We do have footage of Gabby in Mexico walking away crying and then in an ITM questioning if she can be loved. That could be Jason eliminating himself, but I haven’t gotten that confirmed."

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Who makes it to Rachel’s final two?

Rachel’s final two include Tino and Aven, which is a departure from what was predicted earlier in the season. (It pretty much seemed like it was Zach vs. Tino from my screen, and from Reality Steve’s earlier forecasts). But something happens with Zach—and we get a taste of the debacle in the previews.

Host Jesse Palmer is heard advising Zach to tell Rachel "the truth" after his overnight date, according to Reality Steve. I'm dying to know what in the world that means.

Either way, whatever happens between Rachel and Zach lands him in the No. 3 spot, according to Reality Steve.

Where is the finale filmed?

The Neil Lane diamonds are going to be presented to each gal in Mexico, according to Reality Steve. And that's also where the Fantasy Suites will happen.

When does the finale air?

The finale will air on Tuesday, September 20, Reality Steve says. And it will be followed by the usual "After The Final Rose" special that same night.

Gabby is engaged to Erich.

Yup, Gabby apparently gets engaged to Erich. The fact that the 29-year-old New Jersey real estate analyst gets down on one knee may come as a surprise to viewers, but I'm rooting for this one.

Rachel is engaged to Tino.

This totally makes sense considering Tino got her first impression rose, etcetera, etcetera. He's been working his butt off all season, so I have to hand it to the man.

I love to think that both of our gals will leave with a Neil Lane sparkler on their hands! Cheers to that, Gabby and Rachel!

Some of Gabby and Rachel's men will hit the beach on 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

Eight men from 'The Bachelorette' Season 19 will hit the beach for 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8, per Reality Steve. They are:

  • Jacob Rapini
  • Johnny DePhilippo
  • Logan Palmer
  • Tyler Norris
  • Hayden Markowitz
  • Joey Young
  • Justin Young

Gabby and Rachel will also make an appearance in 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

Gabby and Rachel's journey to true love may be over, but that doesn't mean that their TV time is up.

The ladies make an appearance toward the end of Bachelor in Paradise season 8. They tell Kate Gallivan, a contestant from The Bachelor season 26 with Clayton Echard, about how Logan Palmer, a 26-year-old videographer from San Diego, California and a contestant from Gabby and Rachel’s Bachelorette season, switched from Gabby to Rachel in the middle of The Bachelorette season 19, Reality Steve reported.

Kate apparently takes that info to heart. She and Logan end up breaking up and they leave the beach single.

Casting for 'The Bachelor' already kicked off.

Casting for contestants on The Bachelor season 27 started in August 2022, per Reality Steve. The catch? The next Bachelor hadn’t been chosen yet. (But I have my theories!)

“Casting weekend for The Bachelor was last weekend," he wrote on August 11. He explained that there are several casting weekends, and that women receive acceptance letters. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll make it on air.

"You’re technically not on the show until you exit that limo night 1," he writes. "There’s always a chance to get cut last minute. But are their [SIC] pageant girls being looked at for next season? Of course.”