What 'The Bear' Star Jeremy Allen White And Wife Addison Timlin’s Body Language Says About Their Marriage

They’re proof that friends make the best lovers.

jeremy allen white and addison timlin
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Sad news for all my fellow The Bear fans: The internet’s newest boyfriend (sorry, Timothée Chalamet) Jeremy Allen White is off the market and, TBH, has been for some time.

ICYDK, the Shameless star has been married to Californication actress Addison Timlin since 2019.

You might say that Jeremy and Addison are high school sweethearts as they met in their teens while starring in 2008’s Afterschool together. While it’s unclear when they shifted from friends to lovers, Addison hinted at their ‘ship in a 2013 interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “I’ve got a sweetheart who I will not disclose, but, yes, he’d be the guy. We have a nice foundation from being friends for a long period of time, and then it took a hard right turn into romance,” she told the publication.

A decade after meeting, on October 20, 2018, the couple welcomed their first child. "Ezer Billie White 10.20.2018 Welcome to the world baby girl, it just got so much brighter," Addison captioned the birth announcement post, which showed both parents cradling their new baby girl.

A year later, the pair married at a Beverly Hills courthouse, according to TMZ. Addison shared photos on social media of the newlyweds kissing, while sporting matching denim jackets that read "Till Death" and had white hearts at the center with the words, "Buddy + Billy." What’s more? Jeremy even has a tattoo, matching the hearts on their jackets, of the pair’s pet names for each other on his arm.

On December 12, 2020, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Dolores. Addison announced the news with a photo of her breastfeeding and captioned the post, “Dolores Wild White- born 12/12/2020, just in time to save the year. She is the answer to 1000 prayers and we are in love with her.”

It’s clear from their sweet social media posts (and, ahem, body language) that these two are truly OTP and each other’s biggest supporters. (Personally, I can’t get enough of them!)

Meet the expert: Karen Donaldson is a celebrity communication and body language expert, certified confidence coach, best-selling author, and international speaker.

Body language expert Karen Donaldson analyzed the couple’s hand placements and gestures over the last few years. Ahead, discover what Jeremy and Addison’s body language reveals about their relationship.

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Jeremy and Addison have an unbreakable bond.
jeremy allen white and addison timlin
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A person’s legs can reveal the truth behind how they feel internally at any given moment, explains Donaldson. Addison has her legs crossed toward Jeremy, which, she says, "indicates that she is here to stay."

As for Jeremy, he is doing the reach around hug, which shows that he wants to connect with Addison physically as much as they are connected emotionally, Donaldson adds. Translation: These two have a super tight bond and are in it for the long haul.

They’re deeply committed to each other.
jeremy allen white and addison timlin
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Is there anything more intimate than a forehead kiss? A kiss on the head is a non-sexual gesture that communicates a deep love, says Donaldson. "Jeremy’s kiss on Addison’s head tells us that he absolutely adores her, and he has a deep love and respect for her," she explains.

Addison shares the same love for Jeremy, and doesn’t resist this PDA. "In fact, if you look at her hand placement around his waist, she firmly grasps him as well," notes Donaldson. "[That] tells us they have a deep commitment and don’t want to be apart." (Aw, these two!)

There’s no shortage of romance in their relationship.

Jeremy's birthday post to Addison is evidence that romance is alive and well in their 'ship, says Donaldson.

The position of Addison’s hands are quite telling, Donaldson notes. They sit on Jeremy’s lower back, and she is reducing the space between them. "They are also groin to groin, which tells us they are intimately connected," she adds. "There’s a welcomed sexual attraction and desire happening here." Read: It’s safe to say these two are satisfied in the bedroom, both physically and emotionally.

They’re BFFs.

This image showcases that Jeremy and Addison are more than just lovers; they’re also friends, says Donaldson. "They deeply respect each other and are comfortable being themselves around one another," she explains.

Addison wraps herself around Jeremy, opening up her most vulnerable area (her genital area) to him; yet, Jeremy just comfortably sits there without making things sexual. "This speaks to the level of maturity and emotional connectedness in their relationship," Donaldson explains.

Their connection is multifaceted.

Jeremy lovingly gazes at Addison, which (perhaps obviously) shows he adores her and enjoys her company, says Donaldson.

At the same moment, Addison is in a silly mood. "The grouping of all of these gestures indicates that both of them enjoy their relationship, and there are different facets to it," Donaldson explains. Read: Not only are these two deeply committed to each other, but they also know how to have fun together.

Yes, chef! You and your wife are #couplegoals.

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