• Jenna Jameson shared a photo detailing how—and why—she continues to stay motivated on the keto diet.
  • Jenna showed herself in a pair of Christmas pajamas that fit her last year, but are now too big on her.
  • Jenna started the keto diet in April 2018, and since then, she's lost 80 pounds.

Jenna Jameson's been on the keto diet since April—that's almost eight full months of sticking to a specific weight-loss program...and anyone who's tried that before knows it can be hard AF.

But today, Jenna revealed how she stays motivated on the diet and why she doesn't cheat—and it's pretty damn simple: She can actually see her progress.

Jenna posted a photo of herself in an old pair of red and black plaid pajamas—the pajamas apparently fit her last year (you know, when she was 80 pounds heavier), but now, it looks like she could basically fit another person in there with her.

"People always ask me how I stay motivated and don't cheat on #keto," she wrote. "Well THIS right here is my motivation. This pajama set is an XXL that I wore SNUGGLY last Christmas."

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Jenna went on to explain that she finds motivation to stay on the diet by taking note of her progress, "even the smallest advancement." That won't comes as a surprise to avid Jenna followers who seen her regular before-and-after photos.

Jenna also posted another outfit that fit her last year—but doesn't this year—on her Instagram Stories: a Christmas onesie. Jenna took a video of herself pulling a the excess onesie fabric in the mirror, followed by a photo from last year when the onesie was noticeably tighter.

In keeping with her keto queen status, Jenna also launched her keto-specific Instagram account yesterday, @ketocantlose—and she's already started posting videos of her favorite keto meal tricks. (Apparently the new account will be "all food-related," according to a comment by Jenna.)

Her first video on the account featured two of her keto staples: over-easy eggs served over arugula.

And her second post was something we can all relate to—a quick dinner option from Trader Joe's. Jenna said the store's BBQ Chicken Teriyaki (minus the teriyaki sauce!) was a go-to in her household, writing, "I add hot sauce and bam ... great [quick] meal."

So uh, if you were worried Jenna would ease up on the keto content just because she hit her goal weight, it looks like she's just getting started.