40 ALDI Shopping Tips And Tricks You Need For Your Next Visit

Spiked root beer? Yes, please!

ALDI might not be as well-known in the United States as it is overseas, but the German company is a leader in quality and low cost groceries. And, I'm sorry, but who wouldn't want tasty food for less? As the store states on its website, "Everything we do is purposefully designed to save people money." Um, sounds amazing!

The company goes against the shopping norm with no coupons, no rewards system, and minimal working staff—to put those overhead dollars elsewhere. Insiders know that it's all about the store's in-house brands, many of which have a cult following for a reason. Here's everything you need to know before you visit ALDI.

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Do your shopping on Wednesday mornings.
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That's when shelves are restocked! Is there anything better than browsing freshly stocked shelves? That's a hard no.

Check out the Fan Favorites items online.
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On ALDI's website is a Fan Favorites section that you NEED to check out before you shop. Each year, the products featured here are voted on by loyal customers. You can spot these items in the store too—just look for the heart-shaped logo.

New Hot Deals hit the shelves on Sundays.
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Hot Deals are a section of heavily discounted items. Inventory doesn't last long, so your best bet is to shop them on Sunday or Monday morning.

ALDI Finds are seasonal items—so act fast!
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These limited-edition products are only released for short periods or key points during the year. Pro tip: The most popular items end up back on shelves permanently.

Don't underestimate ALDI's name brand products.
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ALDI brands are the secret sauce here and cover most of the shelves. Just because these products are on the cheaper side, doesn't mean they're lower quality—most ingredients are nearly identical to big brands. A true win-win!

Benton's is a must-buy if you have a sweet tooth.
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Sorry Girl Scouts of America, but in-house brand Benton's is giving you a run for your money—do not skip the Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies! Seriously, just try to only purchase one box.

Simply Nature offers healthy snack options.
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Simply Nature by ALDI stays ahead of the health trends. The Cauliflower Tortilla Chips, which are available in sea salt and nacho flavors, are insanely good. Warning: One has been known to eat an entire bag in a single sitting (one = me).

The desserts taste homemade.
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From cookies to cakes to cinnamon buns, there are countless options for after-dinner treats. Make sure to check out the Chocolate Caramel Lava Cakes in the freezer aisle, which are imported from Belgium!

Belle Vie is nearly half the price of La Croix.
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ALDI's Belle Vie sits directly next to beloved sparkling water brand La Croix. While they look nearly identical (down to the colorful packaging) one is almost half the price per box. Both are sodium-, calorie-, and sugar-free.

The Specially Selected line has some of the most unique offerings.
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Get ready for some serious gems. I'm obsessed with Specially Selected's Avocado Tomatillo Salsa

Did I mention products are nearly identical to name-brand items?
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Not only do the ingredients mimic store-name varieties, but so does the design. Just look at these Savoritz Saltines that go for under a dollar. Remind you of another brand??

Berryhill has the tastiest condiments.
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ALDI's hazelnut spread comes pretty darn close to Nutella. It's a cheaper alternative that's just as delicious on a banana or, who am I kidding, by the spoonful. Berryhill's products include jelly, jam, chocolate syrup, and preserves.

You can save on bread with this expiration date hack.
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Tell your cashier if the expiration date on the bread you picked out is five or fewer days away, and you'll get your loaf at a discount. P.S. Be sure to check out ALDI's liveGfree bread—its an in-house gluten-free brand.

If you're trying to eat healthy, shop at ALDI.
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Cheap food that tastes good and is healthy—what's the catch? There isn't one. ALDI exclusive brands are free from certified synthetic colors, added trans fat, and added MSG. You'll also find a larger range of organic products than you might expect.

ALDI is also the place to go if you're on a budget.
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With ALDI, you can always count on a solid product mix at a low cost. More than 90% of products on the shelves are ALDI brands, which have a draw for the financially-conscious shopper (a.k.a. everyone).

On a time crunch? ALDI helps with this too.
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Products often have multiple barcodes, which makes it much easier for cashiers to quickly scan the item instead of constantly checking each side of the package.

The "Twice as Nice" customer guarantee is legit.
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Not happy with a product? No problem! ALDI believes in its products so much that customers can return pretty much anything without any issues. Not only will you score a refund, but you'll also get a replacement item. It's part of their "Twice as Nice" policy—just make sure to return the product packaging and any unused product.

Specials are revealed two weeks prior to hitting shelves.
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ALDI gives its customers a two-week heads up before a deal drops. Shoppers can find out this info online or from the in-store circular.

The produce prices can't be beat.
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Your favorite fruits and vegetables (including a wide array of organic items) won't break the bank at ALDI. Avocados are just 69 cents. Did someone say chips and guac for dinner?

Bring a quarter for your shopping cart.
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Even though your wallet might be cashless nowadays, make sure to keep a spare quarter with you to unlock your cart. Don't worry: You'll get it back when you return the cart.

And don't forget your shopping bags either.
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While many stores have now taken a stand against free plastic bags, ALDI's policy was in place way before it was trendy. Customers are encouraged to bring reusable bags because a) we should ALL care about the environment, and b) it's easy. Forgot yours? You can still pay a small fee for plastic or brown bags.

You might want to practice bagging groceries beforehand.
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Admit it: Bagging your own items is kinda fun. The company created this unique checkout process to maximize efficiency. If you need more time, most locations have separate areas just for finishing up your grocery bagging.

Don't worry, memberships aren't required.
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Unlike Costco and Sam's Club, customers don't need a membership to shop and take advantage of serious savings.

Make room in your freezer for this ice cream pail.
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The rumors are true: You can purchase a Family Size Ice Cream Pail for under $5! The flavor is Neapolitan, so there's something for everyone in that big tub of deliciousness.

Skip Lay's and go for Clancy's snacks.
James Barrett

Clancy's is one of ALDI's in-house snack brands, and these chips are EVERYTHING. The product mix ranges from classic tailgate snacks to underrated finds, like jalapeño kettle chips.

Mama Cozzi's pizzas are a true steal.
James Barrett

Having a pizza party? ALDI is here for you. One of its many brands, Mama Cozzi, boasts delicious Italian frozen foods—including 16" pizzas for under $6. Selections include thin crust, rising crust, bagel pizzas, cauliflower, gluten-free, and more.

Choceur goes head-to-head with Hershey's.
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Sweets have never had a cuter mascot. Choceur's milk bear can be found on wafers and bars. While the items are usually seasonal, this in-house brand is a must-buy for any chocolate connoisseur.

ALDI's alcohol brands are another must-try.
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Yep, ALDI even has you covered on the booze front. While its alcohol isn't available in every location, when you can snag it, the in-house brands are quite impressive and cheap. Products include wine, beer, speciality wine, hard beverages, and even spiked root beer!

Barissimo Iced Coffee is just as good as Starbucks.
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Available in French Vanilla, Mocha, and Coffee Latte, Barissimo Iced Coffee is an in-house coffee brand you'll be grateful for every morning. Its product mix includes iced coffee, whole beans, cups, and more.

Don't sleep on the home essentials.
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Another in-house must-try: Huntington Home, which offers a range of ALDI's signature soy blend candles with seasonal scents, including Tropical Escape and Tobacco Petals.

You can save money by doing this one thing.
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The best strategy here is to avoid brands you know and love in the store. Why? Odds are, there's a cheaper alternative in the same aisle that just goes by a different name. Have I sold you on the in-house brands yet?!

Follow ALDI's Instagram for a sneak peek on deals.
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Not only does ALDI’s Instagram account share hauls from happy customers, but it's also where you can find upcoming sales. It's a great tool for regular or newbie customers.

Try to be patient with the employees.
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Staffing is limited at ALDI. Unlike competitors, each location only has approximately six to eight employees. They hire essential workers only—meaning cashiers and those who help restock shelves—to keep costs low.

Don't rely on signage to navigate the store.
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Aside from labels for different sections, like "Fresh Produce," "Frozen Foods," etc., you won't find much more signage. This is intentional and supposed to help with efficiency, so that customers aren't bombarded with various advertisements while shopping.

The best way to find out about new items is from friends.
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ALDI's marketing strategy is pretty low-key. The company puts in minimal marketing efforts and depends on word-of-mouth exposure to bring in customers. So if you want to find out about new products or deals, get yourself some friends who love ALDI.

Don't hesitate to ask staff to restock an item for you.
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Most product displays use original packaging, instead of sitting items individually on a shelf. Boxes are specifically designed for these displays, which makes restocking shelves faster and easier.

Store hours vary by region.
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Depending on where you live, some stores close by 8 p.m., while others remain open until later. Sorry super late shoppers, but none of ALDI's storefronts are open 24 hours.

You won't need to cut out any coupons.
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The prices are low enough already! Because ALDI strives to offer the quickest and cheapest shopping experience possible, coupons are reserved for special events, like a grand opening.

Individual stores don't have phone numbers to call.
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If you need customer service help and you're not in the store, unfortunately you won't be able to call your local grocer. There's a national corporate helpline to call with general questions and inquiries.

Good news: ALDI helps local communities.
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If items are slightly damaged or leftover, but still good to eat, they won't be going to waste. ALDI works with food banks and Feeding America to donate products that can't be sold.

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