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The 15 Best Face Massagers For Sculpted And Glowing Skin, According To Dermatologists

You'll practically see instant results.

best face massagers
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Heard about face massagers, but not really sure where to start (or if they’re worth it)? From simple jade rollers to microcurrent treatment devices, facial massagers are supposed to help make your visage more vibrant by stimulating and massaging your largest organ—your skin.

There are a few reasons they’re so popular: They can help depuff tired eyes, soothe tight muscles, give your skin a little bit of glow—and they just feel nice to use, says Mona Gohara, MD, a Yale-trained dermatologist in Connecticut “If you want to enhance your skincare routine or plump up the skin a little bit,” she recommends giving them a try.

And though there are some splurge-worthy options, you don’t have to spend tons of time or money to get the benefits. “The benefits of massage are around fluid balance, increasing circulation and getting rid of excess fluid,” says Dr. Gohara. Just like when you massage any other parts of the body, facial massage increases circulation and blood flow. It may also help reduce puffiness by drawing unwanted fluid out, she says.

While plumping up the skin and pampering those puffy eyes are mostly short-term effects, this practice may have longer-term anti-aging benefits too. Dr. Gohara says that facial massage tools can increase the efficacy of your skincare products by helping them go on a bit more smoothly and evenly. The process should also feel relaxing and soothing, and we all know that de-stressing might be one of the best anti-aging treatments around.

So which type of face massager is right for you?

If this is your first foray into facial massagers, Dr. Gohara recommends going for a ball or jade roller, because they’re the most intuitive. “You want it to be something you’re comfortable using,” says Dr. Gohara. If it feels really complicated, you’re probably not going to make it a part of your everyday routine. Most rollers have a large end and a small end to target different areas of the face. You can also pop your jade or ball roller in the fridge, which Dr. Gohara says is great for soothing and depuffing.

If you’re feeling like you’ve got this down and want to experiment with other types, “gua sha is one of my favorites,” says Dr. Gohara, but she notes that the unique shape takes a little more skill to handle. “It has the exact same benefits” as the ball or jade roller though, according to Dr. Gohara. So use what works for you.

How do you use a face massager?

Rollers are pretty self-explanatory. Dr. Gohara really likes using them as an applicator for serums and lotions. Just roll it on like you would with a paint roller.

The direction is the thing to pay attention to: You should always roll outward from the center of the face, says Dr. Gohara. “Think of what you’d do if you were pushing fluid away and out from the face,” she says.

And remember that this is not a deep tissue massage! Be gentle with yourself. If you’re leaving lines or redness, or feeling any pain whatsoever, you’re pushing much too hard. “This is meant to be soothing,” says Dr. Gohara, “You really don’t need a lot of pressure.”

Ready to get started? These are the best face massagers out there, according to experts and real-life users.

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Best Face Massager Set
The Jade Trio Balancing Facial Set
Best Techy Option
Trinity Facial Toning Device
Best Icy Option
The Original Blue Ice Globe Facial Massager
Best Jade Roller
Mount Lai
The De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller
Best for Aging Concerns
Trophy Skin
The Facial Toning System
Trophy Skin
Best For Jaw-Clenchers
Face Sculptor Beauty Roller
Skin Gym
Best Gua Sha Tool
Stainless Steel Gua Sha
Best Mini
Jenny Patinkin
Rose on Rose Face Roller Petite
Jenny Patinkin
Best Drugstore Find
Jade Stone Facial Roller
Best Stainless Steel Roller
Facial Roller Stainless Steel
Best Rose Quartz Roller
Rose Quartz Roller
Best Celeb Favorite
Nurse Jamie Healthy Skin Solutions Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller
Best For Targeting Eyes
Mount Lai
The De-Puffing Jade Eye Massage Tool
Mount Lai
Best Splurge
Jillian Dempsey
Gold Sculpting Bar
Jillian Dempsey
Best For Potential Headache Relief
Ice Roller
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