Raise your hand if you've been schlepping around with the same worn-out duffel since college. Guilty! That means you’re long overdue for a new gym bag.

You'll want something that can carry everything you need for a successful sweat sesh, but also have multi-functional usage, too. You may even use it as a carry-on travel bag or even work tote to use before and after workouts (or not).

But, not all gym bags are made equally, so you really have to think about what you'll be using it for. If you’re fitting in a pre-work workout sesh, you’ll want something with a padded laptop sleeve, for example. Maybe you’re heading out for happy hour or a dinner date after the gym and will need to pack a change of clothes. There’s no way you want your sweaty shoes next to your sundress, so you'll want something with several compartments.

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Don’t fret—there's a whole world of gym bags out there. See below for the best women's gym bags you can shop right now, per online reviews.

1. Girlfriend Collective Backpack

Thorn Please Recycle Backpack
Thorn Please Recycle Backpack
$82 at Girlfriend

Shop the Girlfriend Collective Backpack if you want a workout accessory that's both functional and sustainable. The body, lining, and straps of the bag are made with 100-percent recycled plastic bottles. Also, it's designed with plenty of pockets and sleeves for storage, so you can go from a trail run to the grocery store easily.

Rave review: "Super functional and durable. I've had this backpack for about a month and it's my go-to bag. It's light and durable. I love how there are different compartments for my water bottle, keys in the front, and a laptop sleeve."

2. Sweaty Betty Convertible Tote Bag

Convertible Tote Bag
Sweaty Betty Convertible Tote Bag

The Sweaty Betty Convertible Tote Bag provides versatility and practicality. The durable bag is made of recycled materials and can be worn as a backpack or converted into a tote bag. It even has compartments for your laptop, water bottle, clothes, and more. If you travel from the gym to work or vice versa, consider this the perfect fit.

Rave review: "Very practical bag. I bought this bag to go on light-packing weekends away/ busier days in the office where I want to fit the gym in too and it's perfect! It's got a handy laptop pouch part to keep my laptop separate from other items and a great number of pockets for all my valuables."

3. UnderArmour Undeniable 5.0 Duffel

UA Undeniable 5.0 SM Duffle Bag
UA Undeniable 5.0 SM Duffle Bag

If you prefer to travel light, but still want a duffel bag that can carry all the essentials, opt for the UnderArmour Undeniable 5.0 Duffel. It's not too bulky, has adjustable straps that can be tweaked to fit your carrying style, and contains a ventilating pocket for sweaty clothes and shoes. The bag is also made with a water-resistant finish so you don't have to be too worried about those rainy workout days.

Rave review: "Great pockets. Just what we needed. My granddaughter uses it day for volleyball."

4. Black Girl Yoga Duffel


The yogi in you will love this Black Girl Yoga Duffel from Etsy. Pack your blocks, towel, water bottle, and whatever else you need for a relaxing flow. You can snag a bag in size small or large, and personalization is available, too.

Rave review: "Great quality, super cute, and personalized for melanated Queens 😊."

5. Vooray Trainer Duffel

Vooray Trainer Duffle
VOORAY Vooray Trainer Duffle

With the Vooray Trainer Duffel, you’ll never worry about mixing up your gym bag with someone else’s—it comes in a variety of colorful patterns, including this pretty floral print. In addition to helping you stand out from the crowd, it gives you ample space for all your essentials and comes with reinforced metal clips and zippers, making it durable, too. The duffel can also double as your go-to overnight bag, and trips are made easy with its many compartments (including one for an extra pair of shoes).

Rave review: "Love this bag. The material is awesome and has many pockets to keep smaller items in, like a lock or headphones. It's perfect for one pair of shoes and other gym accessories you might need!"

6. Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag

Novel Duffel Bag
Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

The Novel Duffel Bag from Herschel Supply Co. is a handy gym bag when you have a lot of gear to tote, which is also perfect when you want to use it as a travel carry-on. And, while the outside might look nice and compact, the inside is roomy. It even comes with a separate lined compartment designed to store your sneakers or an extra pair of shoes. With more than 30 color options and three different styles and sizes to choose from, you’ll easily be able to pick one that matches your personality.

Rave review: "Extremely satisfied with the duffel bag. The quality of the product is great and is functional yet very stylish and able to handle a lot of use while still looking great. The shoe compartment is wonderful and there is still plenty of space for other items when in use."

7. Away The Everywhere Bag

The Everywhere Bag
The Everywhere Bag
Now 20% Off

Away is a popular brand known for its stylish luggage, but did you know they make gorgeous duffle bags, too? Well, the Everywhere Bag is basically made for taking your fitness routine on the road. It's crafted out of water-resistant nylon—so, it's sturdy enough for any trip you have in store. It also includes a handy strap that slides perfectly over your suitcase handles if you have extra luggage in tow.

Rave review: "Best bag ever!! Love it—comfortable, easy to carry, lots of pockets, and easy to organize your stuff. Money well spent."

8. Nike Gym Club Bag

NIKE Gym Club Bag
Nike NIKE Gym Club Bag

Sometimes, you just want a classic, no-frills bag to tote all your workout gear to and from the gym. The sturdy Nike Gym Club bag is a must because you can easily throw the bag over your shoulder or carry it by the handles. Multiple internal compartments, including one designated for your sneakers, keep your sweaty gym clothes and other clean essentials separate.

Rave review: "It fits everything I need to make a gym run. Work clothes, gym clothes, bottle water, towel and even my shoes, plus more. Plus, it’s really cute."

9. Calpak Luka Soft Side Duffle Bag

Luka Duffel
Luka Collection Luka Duffel

Could this metallic plush bag be any cuter? What's more, the Calpak Luka Soft Side Duffle Bag has enough pockets and compartments to organize all your gear. There's a sport to store your change of clothes, water bottle, and even a zippered section to separate your shoes from the rest of your stuff.

Rave review: "The Luka duffel is a very convenient size that is perfect for packing for the weekend or heading to the gym. It has a lot of thoughtful pockets, especially the shoe pocket, to keep everything separate and clean."

10. The North Face Jester Backpack

Women's Jester Backpack
The North Face Women's Jester Backpack

The North Face Jester Backpack features a back panel designed specifically to fit women's bodies and not weigh you down. This backpack will make organization your strong suit if it isn’t already. Its front compartment houses small essentials like chargers and toiletries, while the main pocket contains a protective sleeve for your laptop.

Rave review: "This backpack is super comfy for me. My spine, back, and shoulders do not work that hard carrying it. I am using it every day: Walking to office, cycling, going to the gym, hiking and traveling."

11. Aurorae Yoga Mat Carrier Bag

Yoga Mat/Gym Cross=Body Bag
AURORAE Yoga Mat/Gym Cross=Body Bag
Now 13% Off

The Aurorae Yoga Mat Carrier Bag makes it easy to carry your mat with you as it allows you to buckle it to your pack for easy, hands-free hauling. Its mesh pocket on the strap can securely hold your phone or wallet close to you, too.

Rave review: "I love this bag! It's perfect for loading up my yoga gear and hopping on my bike to the gym. It's also perfect as a laptop bag. Well made, big enough to hold my yoga block, towel, and water bottles, but small enough that it feels comfortable while I'm pedaling."

12. Boost Sports Gym Bag

Sports Gym Bag
Leolake Sports Gym Bag

If your regular routine includes swimming laps, you'll need something with a designated wet pocket to stick your bathing suit and towel in after your workout. The Boost Sports Gym Bag has that, along with a separate shoe compartment for storing your sneakers or flip flops while you're in the water.

Rave review: "This is the perfect gym bag! It’s large enough to fit everything you need inside, but yet small enough to fit inside a locker. Nice carrying handle and there is an over-the-shoulder strap included."

13. Dagne Dover Carryall Duffle Bag

365 Carryall Duffle Bag
Dagne Dover 365 Carryall Duffle Bag

Who says gym bags (or leggings, for that matter) have to be limited to neutral colors? Take your athleisure out to play or on a long weekend trip with this little red number. It features easy-to-clean neoprene fabric and a removable nylon shoe (or laundry) bag to keep the rest of the interior clean.

Rave review: "Love this bag—tons of organization and the quality is amazing. Looks great as well. Great neutral color."

14. Lululemon City Adventurer Duffel Bag

City Adventurer Large Duffle Bag 29L
Lululemon City Adventurer Large Duffle Bag 29L

Lululemon’s City Adventurer Duffel Bag works overtime. It’s great for your daily work-to-workout lifestyle, but it doubles as a holds-all carry-on or weekender bag with the luggage sleeve to prove it. With pockets for days—including an easy-to-access outer compartment for necessities—you won’t rummage for anything.

Rave review: "Best gym bag ever! I love the additional space on the bottom for shoes or wet clothing. Perfect size too—not too small for outfits and make-up!! Love it!"

15. BÉIS Sport Duffel

the sport duffle
501 Reviews the sport duffle

A highlight of the BÉIS Sport Duffel is that it can be carried three ways: in hand, crossbody, and as a backpack. It’s compact, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hold everything. With ample pockets and a luggage sleeve, this bag will travel with you everywhere.

Rave review: "I'd been looking for a sport duffel I could bring to the gym with me that could also double as a travel duffel, and this is perfect! Pockets are all so smartly placed and the convertible backpack straps make this bag perfect for a female traveling solo."

16. Livewell 360 Tote

Live Well 360 Tote
Live Well 360 Tote

Some gym-goers could use a little extra help keeping their gym bag neat and tidy. The Livewell 360 Tote has you covered: It has separate exterior pockets for shoes and laundry, as well as pockets for your water bottle, your protein shaker cup, and separate interior pockets for jewelry and valuables.

Rave review: "I researched gym bags thoroughly before deciding on the Tote. I absolutely love it! I go straight from office to the gym and this tote holds everything I need for my workout and all of the work attire I take off."

17. Y.U.M.C. Travel Yoga Bag

Travel Yoga Gym Bag
Y.U.M.C. Travel Yoga Gym Bag

If you’re tired of those awkwardly long yoga bags, make the change to the Y.U.M.C. Travel Yoga Bag. The yoga mat straps in on top, while the main part of the bag houses everything you need for a good workout. The fabric is water resistant and there’s a spot for your shoes—all for less than $30. What a steal!

Rave review: "I absolutely LOVE this bag. It is the PERFECT size to use as my gym bag. I have a barbell pad that is 17 inches and it fits perfectly in the bag with room to spare for my jacket as well. I LOVE the side pouches, perfect for storing my fitness gloves, jump rope as well as my 32 ounce water bottle, so it doesn't have to lay down in the big compartment of the bag. There is also a water-proof zipper compartment inside the bag that is perfect for storing wallet, cell phone, and keys."

18. Madewell (Re)sourced Tote Bag

The (Re)sourced Tote Bag
Madewell The (Re)sourced Tote Bag
Now 30% Off

Made from recycled material, Madewell’s (Re)Sourced Tote Bag is perfect for everyday use. With tons of compartments and a big, main pocket, you won’t be left rummaging through your tote for essentials. It also comes with a luggage pass-through sleeve to make airport travel easy.

Rave review: "This bag is perfect for lots of things like gym, work, and travel. Has lots of space, good fabric, and it's beautiful as well."

19. Glossier Sunshine Yellow Duffel

Sunshine Yellow Duffel Bag
Glossier Sunshine Yellow Duffel Bag

If going to the gym is just something you do not enjoy, add a little pick-me-up to your trip there with Glossier’s Sunshine Yellow Duffel. It’s a no-fuss duffel that can be carried like a tote or crossbody. If you’re looking for something to just get you by and add some fun to your day, this $20 option is the way to go.

Rave review: "I love this gym bag! I got it out of necessity since I started training two to three times a week at a gym and didn't have a gym bag before. This holds all my stuff, is a good size/not too big, not too small, and stands out from everyone else's gym bag because of the color!"

20. The Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Tote

Discover The Catalina Deluxe Tote
Discover The Catalina Deluxe Tote

The Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Tote is useful and cute. The versatile tote features a main pocket to hold all of your essentials for the gym, and a bottom pocket for shoes and other smaller items. A carabiner on the inside ensures you won’t lose your keys, and a removable crossbody strap makes it easy to take on-the-go.

Rave review: "I currently use this tote as a gym/swimming bag and it does the job well. Easy to throw used gym clothes or swimsuits into and the separate compartment for sneakers is a great feature! Lots of smaller exterior and interior pockets for cell phone, wallet, AirPods, swim goggles, etc."

21. Gymshark Sleek Backpack

Sleek Backpack
Sleek Backpack

Gymshark’s Sleek Backpack makes going to the gym stylish. The simplistic design is just the icing on the cake, though. Its exterior is waterproof and it even has a pocket for food (no more putting your granola bar next to your gym shoes).

Rave review: "Love this backpack! Fits everything I need and looks amazing. Super quality especially for the price point and name brand."

22. Tentree Mobius Backpack

Tree Embroidery Tencel Peak Hat
Tree Embroidery Tencel Peak Hat

The Tentree Mobius Backpack is made from 31 recycled plastic bottles and excess algae (yes, algae!). What's more, for every backpack sold, Tentree plants 10 trees at one of its planting sites (hence, the name). Beyond being an Earth-friendly product, this backpack is ultra functional thanks to multiple pockets and a secure roll-top opening.

Rave review: "I was absolutely blown away upon receiving this backpack! Pictures do not do enough justice for the amount of durability, versatility, and beauty this backpack has. I love that it is made from 100 percent recycled materials as well."

23. Gaiam Breakaway Tote

Breakaway Yoga Tote Bag
Gaiam Breakaway Yoga Tote Bag
Now 34% Off

It’s a pain to carry a yoga mat in one hand with a bag slung over your shoulder. If you're looking for a hands-free way to haul your mat, the Gaiam Breakaway Tote is a perfect pick. The tote portion will hold all of your daily and yoga essentials—phone, laptop, chargers, blocks, a change of clothes and so much more. Then, to literally top it off, there are straps to secure your yoga mat in place atop the tote.

Rave review: "So happy with this gym/yoga bag. It has everything you need, and all the pockets are perfect for keeping your things organized."

24. Adidas Sport No-Dye Tote

No-Dye Tote
adidas Originals No-Dye Tote

Because this tote is simple, but versatile, it can easily function as your everyday companion. Its minimalist design makes it perfect for storing your gym essentials, a towel on beach days, or small groceries when you're out running errands.

Rave review: "I liked how perfect it fit and how comfortable this product really is. Love it and recommended it highly!!"

25. Cotapaxi TAAL Convertible Tote

Convertible Tote
Cotopaxi Convertible Tote

If you want something a little more petite that still gets the job done, this Cotapaxi TAAL Convertible Tote is the perfect fit. It functions perfectly as a lightweight gym bag, fully equipped with a surprising number of storage pockets despite its size. The straps easily convert to a backpack depending on your toting needs of the day. And, unlike many muted gym bags, this one offers a number of bright, colorful patterns to help you stand out in the best way.

Rave review: "This bag is the bomb. It mysteriously seems to be able to hold whatever you put in it. I've started using this over my backpack for a lot of day to day activities. When I go to yoga I can throw in my water bottle, keys, wallet, headphones, snack, shirt, shorts and still have room."

26. Osprey Daylight Plus Daypack

Daylite Plus Daypack
Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack
Now 28% Off

Looking for a pack that functions just as well at the gym as it does on a long hike? Enter: the Osprey Daylight Plus Daypack. It's made with a super breathable mesh material on the back panel and shoulder pads to keep you comfy and cool throughout the day. It has plenty of room to store snacks, a change of clothes, and your laptop if need be—along with handy pockets to keep everything organized.

Rave review: "Perfect commuter bag to and from work. Fits my laptop, gym clothes, lunch, and more. Highly recommend."

27. L.L. Bean Duffle Bag

Adventure Duffle
L.L.Bean Adventure Duffle

Whether you're stuffing it into a locker or overhead bin, this bag from L.L Bean was made to last. It's made with water-resistant fabric, a reinforced bottom to keep it supported when it's on the floor, and an abrasion-resistant design.

Rave review: "My adult kids still travel with theirs from the early 80’s and now my grandson is the proud owner of a gorgeous green monogrammed bag of his own. Perfect size quality product that only improves with age and memories."

What should I consider when I'm buying a gym bag?

There are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing any kind of duffel bag.


Consider where you’ll be storing your gym bag. If the lockers at your gym are skinny, you might want to opt for a tote or backpack. But if the lockers are wider, you should be able to get away with a duffel. If you’re planning to fly with it, make sure it meets carry-on requirements.


You know how hard it is to find your keys at the bottom of your smallest purse. Now imagine that with a gym bag that is five times that size. Pockets are essential. If it’s providing multiple uses, you might want a pocket for your laptop, one for much-used necessities like your phone and wallet, and a separate compartment for stinky shoes or sweaty clothes

For yogis, you might want to opt for a gym bag that can hold your mat. There are even bags out there that have key carabiners, so you don’t have to dig through the whole bag to find them. Now that is genius.


This is the most important factor to consider. The best gym bags have multiple uses. If you’re taking it to the office or a coffee shop to do work, then your gym bag will need to have space to carry your laptop, chargers, and anything else you’ll need. They can also double (or triple, at this point) as a carry-on or an overnight bag, so you might want one with a luggage sleeve on the back to go over your suitcase.

And, because your gym bag will be working overtime, get something durable. If you're shopping online, the review section should give you an idea of how sturdy (or flimsy) the bag is. Remember, your gym bag could honestly be the most reliable thing in your life. Yes, I said it!