Scorpios tend to get a bad rap in astrology, but hey, you can't help it that you're a complex zodiac sign (or that other signs can't seem to deal—not your problem). After all, so many things go into making you, well, you. There’s the obvious stuff like your upbringing, relationship history, and overall environment.

And then you factor in the more, let's just say, nontraditional aspects of your personality, like your zodiac sign, and there's a lot going on. You've got your natal and progressed charts, your moon sign, and your Saturn return—just to name a few. Still, the biggie in astrology is your Sun sign, a.k.a. the one you look up when poring over your horoscope.

Well, with Scorpio season happening RN, all those moody, broody, witchy types in your life—yourself included(?)—are thriving. Bring on the cold weather! The black boots! The general air of spookiness! The dark lipstick! The tarot cards! I could go on, but suffice to say as a Scorpio sun and rising myself, I live for this time of year.

Scorpio season, which spans from October 23 to November 21, is all about rebirth, renewal, and refocusing on your life, as well as the rest of the year in front of you, says Narayana Montúfar, fellow Scorpio and senior astrologer at and, as well as the author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power.

"Scorpionic energy news itself constantly," says Montúfar. "Though Scorpios are a fixed sign, they keep renewing in order to tap into their higher powers."

Montúfar confirms that this sign has the worst reputation of all the zodiac—Scorpios are known for being mean or toxic—but that’s actually the lowest vibrational state of this powerhouse sign. The little scorpion that stings you is only one of the animals in the Scorpio cadre. FYI: There's also the snake that represents lifting and coming into power, and then there's the Phoenix, says Montúfar.

"We hear about the Phoenix in relation to a Scorpio rising out of the ashes of trauma, negativity, or whatever else that person is going through," she says. "This is the fully realized Scorpio, rising above." (Sorry not sorry, Scorpios are too busy flying high and going after their goals to get bogged down by negative stereotypes!)

Sounds pretty awesome, huh? Well, with the help of Montúfar and Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta, here are all the major signs you’re a Scorpio, plus how these traits can impact your life.

1. You’re intense, but in a good way.

Small talk? No thanks. "You like a depth of connection," Page says. "You really want to understand the deeper meaning of who someone is." That means you’re not afraid to look into someone’s soul, I mean, eyes and ~really~ get to know them. You'd rather have a few deep, ride-or-die friendships than dozens of surface-level ones.

When you’re chatting with a Scorpio, expect to talk more about your childhood trauma and adolescent wounds than, say, the weather and your favorite color. This sign goes deep fast, and if you’re not into examining the depths of your soul, chances are a Scorpio will move on.

"Scorpios don’t like a lot of people," says Montúfar. "They are suspicious of people below the surface."

2. You don’t let anything get past you.

Your natural BS detector is honed to perfection. "Scorpios, more than other signs, have a sense when something is not right," Page says. "You can’t fool a Scorpio." Intuition could basically be your middle name, since you just know when everything is good with a friend and when "I’m fine" is a load of crap.

Some signs would let that slide, but you? Not. A. Chance.

Montúfar goes as far to say that Scorpios have an internal scanner of sorts: "I am constantly just scanning people without thinking or wanting, observing their moves, and using my psychic intuition to know if I want their energy around me." Sounds practical to me!

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3. You’re not afraid to call someone out.

Sometimes, a Scorpio just get P.O.ed about stuff, whether it's a backhanded compliment from a relative, or the barista just didn’t reciprocate their positive vibes when handing them an iced coffee. Either way, it’s on. A Scorpio is ready to defend themselves at all times and doesn't shy away from confrontation.

"Scorpios are not afraid to have it all out there," Page says. More than any other sign, Scorpios would rather start a heated argument than go to bed angry. (Is it any surprise that Ms. Bethenny "Mention it all!" Frankel is a Scorpio? Nope.)

Once things are aired out, though, Scorpios can move on and let go of all the bad juju. What, would you prefer it if we were fake? Cuz it ain’t happening.

4. You’re super loyal.

Like, Labrador retriever–level loyal. "Everybody should have a Scorpio on their side," Page says. "When Scorpios believe in a relationship, they will fight for it, even if it’s difficult." Feel free to quote that in your Insta profile, btw.

5. You are emotional.

Though Scorpios may portray sort of a prickly exterior, don’t get it twisted. This is a water sign up and down, which comes with lots of feelings. Don’t be surprised if you find a little book of love poems in your Scorpio's nightside drawer or a playlist for every mood possible stashed in their Spotify account.

"While Scorpios have a hard time connecting to their emotions, when they do, they become super powerful," says Montúfar. "In their emotional truth is where a Scorpio comes into power."

6. You’re very ~sensual~.

Break out the vibrators and the good lingerie. "Scorpios are the sexiest sign in the zodiac," Page says. Montúfar concurs—the deep passion Scorpios are into... let's just say, it's not just about the conversation! This intensity definitely extends to the bedroom (and beyond). But you're not just about physical intimacy, you crave strong emotional connections, too.

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