• On February 9th, the Full Snow Moon in Leo is happening.
  • This full moon is all about having some deep thoughts about your love life.
  • The full moon in Leo affects all zodiac signs, but Leo and Aquarius will feel it the most.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that usually puts romance front and center, whether you’re coupled up or not. But this year, it’s not just the holiday that’ll have you seeing hearts—the full moon happening in the sign of Leo on February 9 will put love on the brain, too.

It’s called the Full Snow Moon, and it’s going to put your love life under a microscope, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that (isn’t there always?).

Here’s what your zodiac sign can expect from the Full Snow Moon in Leo, plus how it’s going to impact you going forward.

What is the Full Snow Moon in Leo, exactly?

Backing up a sec: The moon has different phases, and a full moon is when the moon looks like a big, round ball of brightness in the sky. The Native Americans of North America used to name the different full moons, and some of those names are still used today.

This particular full moon is called the Full Snow Moon because February is traditionally the snowiest month of the year, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. And there you have it.

How will the Full Snow Moon in Leo impact your zodiac sign?

This full moon is all about tapping into your heart and listening to what it’s actually trying to tell you, says Page. Part of the moon's energy will make you mull over whether you feel loved and appreciated.

Btw, a full moon can also make you more creative—on top of getting all mushy gushy:

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That can mean taking some alone time to think about where you and your S.O. are headed (hopefully in the right direction...). Or, if you’re single as pringle, now's the moment to figure out what you really want in a future partner—besides a cute butt, of course.

At the same time, though, you’re going to think back to relationships where you’ve gotten burned in the past. (Fun!) Rather than wallowing in the ghosts of exes past, try to think about what happened and learn from what went wrong. Then, take a cue from Elsa and let it go. "This is an opportunity to move on," Page says.

It’s not all about having a heart-to-heart with your, uh, heart. The full moon in Leo also inspires you to get out and have fun after all those deep thoughts. So, grab your girls for a night of dancing, or go on a food crawl with your partner. If you’re laughing and having a great time, you’re doing it right.

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The Full Snow Moon will impact all astrological signs, but Leo and Aquarius will feel it the most, Page says.

How will the Full Snow Moon in Leo impact your future?

Taking the temp of your love life is never a bad thing because it highlights opportunities to fix whatever might need tweaking. Having a serious chat with your partner to make sure you’re on the same page, or being honest with yourself about what you really need from someone else can go a long way toward making you a happier, healthier human down the road.

Ditto when it comes to letting go of past relationship issues you’ve been carrying with you. Once you can ditch those bad feels once and for all, you can move forward in your love life (and regular life) a little more lighthearted and carefree. After all, that’s the best V-Day gift to give yourself.

When’s the next full moon?

The next full moon is on March 9, and it’s in the sign of Virgo. This full moon will give you a serious urge to get your sh*t together. Just know that you might struggle a little when other people aren’t as organized as you are.

Until then, enjoy listening to your heart. You two have got some catching up to do.