You already know that Valentine's Day is all about love, but that doesn't mean it's just reserved to celebrate your significant other. There are tons more people you love in your life, from your besties to your cool aunt, to the old teachers you may have stayed in touch with over the years, and more.

Plus, friendships can be one of the most fulfilling parts of your personal life. Who else stood by you through all the stress and hard times? How many times have you called up your bestie to talk for *hours*? If you haven't already made an annual habit out of celebrating your BFFs on Valentine's Day, consider this your sign to start a new tradition. A sweet, thoughtful gift can really go a long way in showing them how much you appreciate their presence in your life (without breaking the bank!).

For example, if your friend is the creative type, they’ll love this DIY sculpting and pottery kit. Are they obsessed with all things wellness and skincare? Try gifting this superfood mask set. Or, maybe they enjoy baking—in which case you should definitely send them this pretty pie dish. And, for your friend who appreciates a good moment to chill TF out, this essential oil diffuser is a total must.

Basically, there’s something on this list for every kind of friend, no matter their tastes, hobbies, or interests. See below for the 40 best Valentine’s Day gifts for your friends in 2022. Happy V-Day shopping!

1. Pottery Starter Kit

Complete Pottery Kit for Beginners
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Complete Pottery Kit for Beginners
Now 15% Off
$59 at Amazon

Sculpting and painting pottery can be a pretty darn calming activity as well as a way to express your creativity. Gift your bestie this pottery starter bundle, and they’ll not only be able to make whatever they want out of the available clay, but they can also paint their creation the colors they want, too. (It technically says it's for kids, but tons of adult reviewers say it's great for beginners, too!)

2. Golde Superfood Mask Set

Superfood Masks Kit
Superfood Masks Kit

If your BFF is all about skincare, they’ll love this superfood mask kit from wellness brand Golde. Both of the included masks are a powder-to-gel formula—just add water to activate the gel—and are meant to sit on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Bonus: Add a note that reads "For our next face masks and movie-watching night," for a sweet and personal touch.

3. Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Kit

Global Cocktail Mixers
Thoughtfully Global Cocktail Mixers
Credit: Courtesy

Yes, mixed drinks can taste absolutely delicious—but sometimes you’re just not feeling the actual alcohol part of the equation. If your friend doesn’t drink, enjoys a virgin cocktail every once in a while, or is trying to cut back on alcohol, try gifting them this set of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers from around the world. They can blend them with their favorite sodas or juices, or blend with liquor for their friends who do drink.

4. Cast Iron Pie Dish

Seasoned Cast Iron Pie Pan
Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Pie Pan
Now 33% Off
Credit: Courtesy

For the friend who loves to cook, this cast iron pie dish is the best of the best (and an excuse for them to bake a pie for you). It’s about nine inches in diameter, comes pre-seasoned, and the wavy-shaped rim makes for the perfect-looking crust with every use. (No crimping with a fork required!)

5. Morning Person Sweatshirt

Morning Person Sweatshirt
Morning Person Sweatshirt
Credit: Courtesy

For your friend who's gotten their workout done and inbox cleared out before you've had your first sip of coffee, this college-style quilt sweatshirt will be the loungewear upgrade they’ve been searching for. It's so stylish and comfy, it'll be their new favorite go-to.

6. Hot Sauce Set

Dat'l Do It Pepper Collection
Dat'l Do It Pepper Collection
Credit: Courtesy

So, your bestie has been complaining about how nothing they eat is spicy enough. (Been there.) Give them this full hot sauce set by Da'tl Do It for V-Day, and—voila!—problem solved. It includes seven bottles, all of which vary in flavor and spice level. Basically, it’s the gift of flavor they'll be adding to every dish that comes out of their kitchen (but don't be surprised if they keep a bottle in their purse, too).

7. Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey

Jameson Black Barrel
Jameson Black Barrel

Honestly, you can’t go wrong gifting your friend new spirits for their bar cart. If they’re an Irish whiskey person, this Jameson Black Barrel bottle has notes of butterscotch, green apple, and maple, a.k.a., it’s the perfect (and delicious) addition to their liquor cabinet.

8. Rose Sucking Vibrator

Rose Vibrator
L/V Rose Vibrator
Credit: Courtesy

Will they accept this rose? Let’s be real, your bestie won't be able to turn this one down. The silicone suction is comfortable and ecstasy-inducing. What's better than the gift of a big O?

9. Briogeo Scalp Revival Value Set

Briogeo Scalp Revival Set
Briogeo Scalp Revival Set

Her days of dry, lifeless hair will be gone-zo with this revitalizing haircare set. She can take a self-care Saturday and use allll the products to give her hair (and scalp) some TLC.

10. Large Hair Claw Clips

Large Hair Claw Clips
SHALAC Large Hair Claw Clips

You know she loves to put her hair back, and these claw clips are totally trendy (and functional). Plus, she can pick from four cute colors to match any outfit.

11. LANEIGE Hydration Set

Laneige Hydration-To-Go! Set
LANEIGE Laneige Hydration-To-Go! Set
Credit: Courtesy

Infused with cocoa butter, pure coconut and sunflower oils, and French beeswax, this lip and skincare set is packed with five of LANEIGE's clean, cult-favorite essentials. It's probably already on your skincare-loving BFF's wish list.

12. Best Friend Custom Sequin Pillow

Custom Photo Sequin Pillow Cases
Personalized Favors Custom Photo Sequin Pillow Cases

With tons of customizable features, this Galentine's Day gift is totally original. She'll never receive anything else like it, just like she'll never have another friend quite like you. (Cue the happy tears.)

13. 'Good Days Start With Gratitude' Journal

Gratitude Journal
' Gratitude Journal
Credit: Courtesy

Your friend's already grateful for you (duh!), but a gratitude journal will help her count all the other awesome things in her life she's thankful for—even if she doesn't always realize it. A year from now, she can look back at how all the little things add up.

14. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
HOURGLASS Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
Now 15% Off

This beauty guru-loved palette will add a glowy element to her everyday makeup routine. Plus, with packaging this pretty, she'll love showing it off on the 'gram!

15. BrüMate Insulated Wine Glasses

Uncork'd Insulated Wine Glass
BrüMate Uncork'd Insulated Wine Glass
Now 25% Off

Your vino-loving bestie will never have to worry about spilling again with a handy-dandy insulated wine glass featuring a "splash-proof" lid. They're perfect for packing for a picnic or taking to the beach—and they come in 18 colors so you can gift her a pair that goes with her style. Just remember to complete your gift with a bottle of her favorite wine!

16. Joy Is An Act Of Resistance Tote Bag

Joy Is An Act Of Resistance Tote Bag
rayo and honey Joy Is An Act Of Resistance Tote Bag

This inspirational tote will become your gal's new fave accessory—and a reminder to never let the world get her down.

17. Last Crumb Valentine's Cookie Box

Last Crumb Valentine's Cookie Box
Last Crumb Valentine's Cookie Box

It's Valentine's Day, so you know sweets are a menu must-have. Last Crumb cookies are blowing up on TikTok, so they are actually the perfect gift—especially if your BFF loves all things cookies. The box comes with 12 cookies, with four chocolate-based flavors.

Make your cookies doubly delicious with this boozy hot cocoa recipe for Galentine's Day:

preview for Whip Up A Batch Of This Boozy Cocoa For Your Galentines Celebration

18. Quay Heartbreaker Sunglasses

If your bestie loves dressing up, these trendy sunnies will look absolutely fabulous on your fave fashionista. Plus, they're perf for the holiday.

19. AirPods Case Cover With Keychain

AirPods Case Cover with Keychain
R-fun AirPods Case Cover with Keychain

If she's addicted to her AirPods, then she needs a high-quality case to protect them from bumps and scratches. Enter this case in a ton of different shades—for less than eight dollars, she'll use it nearly every day.

20. Pursalt Original Himalayan Salt Lamp

Pursalt Original Himalayan Salt Lamp
pursalt Pursalt Original Himalayan Salt Lamp
Now 22% Off

Made of 100 percent Himalayan crystal salt rock, this night light's claim to wellness fame is that it releases negative ions that absorb dust and purify the air. That makes it perfect for your bestie's bathroom or bedroom.

21. The Original MakeUp Eraser

Makeup Eraser
Makeup Eraser
Now 50% Off

If your bestie has been known to sleep in her makeup after a night out with the gals—no matter how many times you and your well-intentioned buds have begged her not to—this gift will be a legit life (and skin!) saver. The towel doesn't require water or anything, so she can simply keep it by her bedside to remove her makeup without lifting her head from her pillows

22. Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Black
Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Black
Now 13% Off

If your bestie is obsessed with music, she will love this stylish and portable Bluetooth speaker from Marshall that she can take anywhere. It has 20+ hours of play time per charge, so she'll never be without her jams.

23. Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser
ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser
Now 15% Off

Essential oil diffusers are having a moment right now (they're basically a self-care staple), so why not gift one to the chillest person you know? All she has to do is download the TuyaSmart app to turn the diffuser on and off or change the mode. Oh, and it's compatible with Amazon Echo so she can even use her virtual bestie Alexa to control it.

24. G-Shock Watch

Casio GMDB800-4 G-Shock Women Women's Watch Pink 50.7mm Resin
Casio GMDB800-4 G-Shock Women Women's Watch Pink 50.7mm Resin
Now 19% Off

Good for any workout or afternoon stroll, this super cute (and pink!) G-Shock watch will help your bestie time her splits, or just make sure she's on time for your brunch date.

25. Vegan Soul Food Cookbook

Vegan Soul Food Cookbook
Rockridge Press Vegan Soul Food Cookbook
Now 25% Off
Credit: Courtesy

Real talk: Who wouldn't want soul food that skips the animal products? If your friend has been talking about going vegan for years or just loves to cook, then she'll love this beautifully-written and illustrated book featuring mouth-watering recipes.

26. Abundance Tea Set

Season of Abundance Gift Set
Magic Hour Season of Abundance Gift Set
Credit: Courtesy

For your tea-loving girlfriend, this opulent gift set by Magic Hour is designed to bring in spiritual abundance. Complete with a gold cup strainer and spoon strainer, the pumpkin spice-esque tea will be a (literal) divine treat for her spirit—and tastebuds, obvi.

27. The Future Is Female: Feminist Adult Coloring Book

Feminist Adult Coloring Book
Feminist Adult Coloring Book

With 30 stress-relieving pages, your socially-active pal can take a well-deserved break from canvassing and phone-banking to color in some badass ladies. Best part? A portion of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

28. Kate Spade New York Phone Crossbody

Pebbled Leather Crossbody Bag
Kate Spade New York Pebbled Leather Crossbody Bag

Running errands, but make it fashion. Oh wait, Kate Spade already did. Your BFF will look casually chic the next time she goes grocery shopping or drops something off (your gift, perhaps?) at the post office.

29. The Magic Journal

The MAGIC journal
My Magic Mornings The MAGIC journal
Credit: Courtesy

If you know anything about your beloved Women's Health editors, you know how much we love our morning routines. This journal is all about making the most of your AM—not just to have the best day possible, but to live out your fullest potential in life. For your BFF who's really just trying to work on themselves right now, they'll love and appreciate this resource so much.

30. Pistola Lenora Sweatshirt

Pistola Denim Women's Lenora Sweatshirt, Le Blanc, White, S
Pistola Denim Women's Lenora Sweatshirt, Le Blanc, White, S

Help make her chilly days a bit brighter with this cozy white sweatshirt. Not only is it super soft, but she can dress it up or down depending on her mood.

    31. Female Form Body Vase

    Body Vase Female Form
    Fatty Bee Body Vase Female Form

    She'll love this vase that celebrates the body to put her fresh cut flowers in. It's going to rack in tons of compliments.

    32. Crown Chakra Tea Set

    Crown Chakra Tea Set
    Magic Hour Crown Chakra Tea Set
    Credit: Courtesy

    How does tea with a side of chakra-aligning sound? With this set, they'll get some tea with a rose gold tea straw, strainer, and some sacred palo santo. A perfect gift for your spiritual BFF.

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    33. Vosges Chocolates

    Aset - The Eternal Love Chocolate Collection
    Aset - The Eternal Love Chocolate Collection

    Chocolates are always appropriate for Valentine's Day. And these Vosges chocolates are so pretty, your bestie might not want to eat them...but she will.

    34. Bookstore Gift Card

      The Lit Bar Gift Card
      Bookshop The Lit Bar Gift Card

      Forgot the name of that book your friend has been dying to read? It's okay, you can still treat her to it with a gift card to her favorite independent bookstore. She'll be able to rack up on enough reading material to last her months—all thanks to you.

      35. Bri Ribbed Cutout Dress

      Bri Ribbed Cutout Dress
      Bri Ribbed Cutout Dress
      $155 at
      Credit: Courtesy

      The fashion lover in your life will fall in love with this special three-in-one dress that features a stylish, removable turtleneck and bottom. It'll be their go-to stylish outfit when they'll reach for year-round.

      36. Funny Candle

      Fuck This Shit Candle
      CEDAR CRATE MARKET Fuck This Shit Candle
      Credit: Courtesy

      This isn't your average candle—it's a funny, self-affirming one that'll give your BFF a boost of major confidence. Best part? The citrusy scent is super uplifting.

      37. Pleasure Pack

      Condoms and Lube Power & Pleasure Pack
      Lovability Condoms and Lube Power & Pleasure Pack
      Now 17% Off
      Credit: Courtesy

      I mean, what better gift than the gift of pleasure? This set features Lovability's 100 percent natural, non-toxic vegan latex condoms (with easy-open, no-tear wrappers—finally!) along with their pH-balanced lube.

      38. Common Alloy Pearl and Chain Link Necklace

      Pearl and Chain Link Necklace
      Pearl and Chain Link Necklace

      Pearls are timeless, and this super cute pearl and gold chain link necklace is perfect for everyday wear or a fancier outfit. Your bestie will love getting it, and you can get one for yourself, too.

      39. Heart Teddy Tote

      btb Los Angeles Heart Teddy Tote in Grey at Nordstrom
      btb Los Angeles Heart Teddy Tote in Grey at Nordstrom

      If you want to get your BFF a super cute tote that she can take anywhere, get 'em this pearl teddy tote. Not only is it super functional, but she will think of you (and how much you love her) every time she uses it.

      40. Winc Wine Delivery Service

      Wine Subscription
      Winc Wine Subscription
      Credit: Courtesy

      You've had enough wine nights with your pinot posse to know their tastes almost as well as your own. This V-Day, don't just give the gift of vino—give them a carefully curated selection of new and exciting ones to try each month.