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40 Best Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Partner Or Friends In 2022

They arrive in two days—max.

best last minute valentines day gifts
Christine Giordano

After celebrating all the traditional winter holidays from Hannukah to Diwali, Christmas, and New Year's, you may have taken a big sigh of relief—social outings, parties, and gift giving can be seriously exhausting. That's why it's totally understandable if you kinda, sorta, totally forgot to get a Valentine's Day gift for your bae, BFF, or any other loved ones.

Like Cupid's arrow, Valentine's Day has a way of sneaking up on you last minute. Still, it's important your wife, boyfriend, and everyone in between knows you didn't forget about them, so you should probably (definitely) get your hands on a thoughtful present at some point before the big day. Lucky for all you procrastinating lovebirds and Galentines alike, there are tons of fun unique last-minute Valentine's Day gifts available to order online, all of which offer two-day shipping.

And, they won't even know you waited till the last minute. This list has the perfect present for literally everyone in your life that deserves a V-Day treat. From weighted blankets for your dad to sex toys and naughty card games your partner will love, this guide has everything to meet all of your last-minute Valentine's Day needs. Just take a deep breath, log into your Amazon Prime account, get scrolling, and hit "Add to Cart".

Now that your "oh-crap-I-forgot" nerves have settled, it's time to get into the specifics. Here are the 40 absolute best last-minute Valentine's Day gifts that will arrive at your doorstep in just two days—max. You're welcome!

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Best Gift Overall
In-Bed Tray Table

Give your partner the gift of breakfast in bed with this cute tray table. Pile it with their favorite foods (waffles, eggs, bacon, the works) and a cup of coffee, and they'll love you forever. 

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Best Gift For Daring Couples
After Dinner Amuseuments
Truth or Dare for Couples

Wanna play a ~naughty~ game with bae on V-Day? This Truth or Dare challenge will make your day of love both sexy and fun, and yep, it's only nine dollars. Even better: You can get it ASAP!

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Best Gift For Ariana Grande Fans
Ariana Grande
Cloud Eau de Parfum Spray
Now 11% off

IMO, perfume is always a romantic gift. They'll think of you whenever they smell or spray the scent, and it'll last them awhile, too. This Ariana Grande fragrance is definitely a fan fave. 

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Best Gift For Love Letter Writers
Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle

These little capsules with faces on them are so freakin' cute. There's a blank piece of paper inside each one that you can write a note on, and then sneak it in your partner's pocket, wallet, etc. (Or give them the entire bottle at once for the sweetest V-Day surprise!) 

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Best Gift For Music Lovers
House of Marley
Mini Wireless Portable Speaker

Your music or podcast-loving Valentine will totally appreciate this portable bluetooth speaker. Plus, it comes in a light, wooden casing, so it'll fit in perfectly with your home decor, too.  

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Best Romantic Gesture Gift
I Love You and Heart Balloons

Nothing says "I love you" like balloons that *actually* spell out "I love you." Order these for your bae, and they'll be so happy by the grand display of affection they won't even notice you ordered 'em two days ago. 

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Best Cozy Gift
The Comfy Store
THE COMFY Original

Have you heard of The Comfy? If not, it's time to order one for you and your bae, like, ASAP. It's basically a big, fuzzy blanket that you can wear as a sweatshirt, which means it's perfect for a cozy night in this Valentine's Day. 

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Best Gift For Words Of Affirmation
Knock Knock
What I Love about You Book
Now 16% off

This gift is an affordable, easy way to make a last-minute gift super personal. Order this and fill in all the blanks, making sure you include all the reasons why you L-O-V-E your partner (or dad, or BFF!). They're sure to swooon.

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Best Gift For Your Single Friends
Candice Jalili
Just Send the Text

For your friend, sister, aunt, or co-worker who's getting back into the dating game, they'll love this timely read by sex and relationships writer Candice Jalili. In the book, she breaks down the anxieties of modern dating (it can be rough out there!) and eases the pain with her expertly-sourced info, methods, and tips. 

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Romantic Dinner Set for Two

Need to create a last-minute meal sitch? If you normally go out for a fancy Valentine's Day dinner, this DIY set for two is the perfect oops-I-forgot gift. You'll get lots of bonus points for cooking up their fave meal and creating the perfect li'l scene. 

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#LubeLife Water Based Watermelon Flavored Lubricant

If you're in a romantic relationship, you know that Valentine's Day usually means lots of time set aside for all kinds of ~intimacy~. This watermelon-flavored personal lubricant will send the message that you're ready for dessert. 

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The Ultimate Game for Couples

Stuck at home on Valentine's Day? Spice things up with a bit of gameplay for you and bae. This card game is full of "Guesses" and "Challenges" that you guys can talk through or, ahem, act out all night long.

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DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo

If your Valentine is into all things tech and photography, they'll flip over this pocket drone situation. With a stabilized camera and built-in active tracking system, it easily captures tons of footage and keep everyone in the frame. (Hi, Instagram #content!) 

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Best Gift For Fitness Lovers
Virtual Bootcamp Class Membership

Does bae live too far from one of Barry's iconic bootcamp studios? Or, maybe they just don't like having to leave the house to work out (I hear that!). Snag them a membership to their virtual bootcamp classes. Do the classes together, and pre-date night workouts could become your thing!

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Best Gift For Bath Lovers
Bath Bombs Gift Set

Pamper your partner with this set of super cute bath bombs. If you want to go the extra mile, you can surprise them by plopping one in the tub, lighting candles, playing soft music, and pouring a glass of wine. Trust that they'll be V grateful for the soothing gesture. 

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Best Gift For Tech Lovers
QuietComfort Wireless Bluetooth Headphones,

PSA: These Bose wireless headphones are a solid gift, especially if your love is a music fanatic. They'll totally thank you for the thoughtful, high-quality purchase—and have no idea you snagged it at the last moment.

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Best Sexy Gift
Sexy Dice Set

This silly, sexy game is the perfect way to keep things fun and frisky between you and your partner. Each piece signifies a different move or role play, so the Valentine's Day sex possibilities are endless. 

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Best Decor Gift
Seven Style
Valentines Day Decorations
Now 29% off

Even if you forgot a gift, these decorations will make up for it. Hang them up in your bedroom for a sweet surprise. Wanna go the extra mile? Complete the scene with chocolates, wine, or even just throwing on their favorite movie. 

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Best Gift For Iced Coffee Lovers
Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Maker

Is it just me, or are iced coffee lovers such die-hard fans that they'll even drink the stuff in the coldest of winters? Support their addiction with this cold brew maker (that also makes tea!).

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Best Gift For A Romantic Night
Romance Helpers
Romance-in-a-Box Gift Set

Okay, is this not the coziest little set you’ve ever seen? With this Romance-In-A-Box set, you'll get candles, silk rose petals, candlesticks, tea lights, and more. It's so perfectly thought out, your bae will have no idea you pulled this together last minute. 

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Best Gift For Tea Lovers
Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser
Now 28% off

The tea-loving Valentine in your life will love this sleek glass teapot that features a stainless steel infuser for all their favorite loose leaf blends. Surprise them with a pot V-Day morning alongside their fave breakfast treats.

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Best Gift For Camera Lovers
Mini Instant Camera
Now 10% off

Not only will your partner love this cam for capturing future moments, but you two can also use it to document your romantic Valentine's Day date, too. Order it in pink for that extra V-Day-themed touch. 

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Best Gift For Your Basic Friend
Basic Bitch Pumpkin Spice Candle

If you’re giving a Valentine’s gift to your PSL-loving BFF, try passing along this pumpkin spice-scented candle made with 100 percent organic soy. They’ll love burning it year-round.

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Best For Outdoors Lovers
Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

For the outdoor explorer or beach babe in your life, gift them this super comfy, inflatable lounger that you two can set up just about anywhere. Pro tip: Plan an outdoor date and then whip out this baby for the ultimate gift reveal. 

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Best Gift For Homebodies
Plush Fleece House Slippers

You honestly can’t go wrong with these fuzzy slippers that come in tons of different colors. They'll keep their feet warm, and you'll score bonus points if you get yourself a matching pair.

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Best Gift For Breakfast Lovers
Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker
Now 13% off

Order this heart-shaped waffle maker ASAP for the ultimate Valentine’s Day breakfast experience. If your sweetie is also the resident chef, give them this cute gadget as a gift. Or, surprise them by making the heart-themed breakfast before they even get out of bed.

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Best Gift For Snack Lovers
Care Package

You may be the only snack they need, but when they get physically hungry, they'll love this box of munchies. With literally every kind of treat imaginable in this one box, you can rest easy knowing your Valentine will have zero complaints (and a satisfied belly!) this year. 

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Best Gift For Road Trippers
GPS Navigation System

Every couple has that one person who refuses to ask for direction. At least this way, they won't have to keep looking down at their phone to safely ignore your backseat driving (no shade). You'll both get a good laugh out of this one, and you'll actually use it, too.

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Best Gift For New Couples
Yoda One For Me T-Shirt

Let's all just agree. Baby yoda > everything. This one's great if you're a new couple and don't necessarily want to invest in a grand, pricey gift just yet.

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Best Gift For Book Lovers
Bell Hooks
All About Love: New Visions

If you haven't read All About Love, there's no more perfect time than on V-Day. This book has all kinds of great lessons and insights about what it means to be human, to feel love, and how love can, in short, change the course of someone's life. 

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