Let's face it: No matter how long you've been dating or how well you think you know each other, finding the perfect holiday (or birthday!) gift for your boyfriend, husband, or partner can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack the size of the whole darn internet.

You want to get him something thoughtful and useful that shows you know and care about him more than anyone else without draining your entire bank account. In short, it can be hard to find a cute gift for your boyfriend, especially if they're the type who seems to have it all.

And sure, you could just ask your BF (or his mom, lol) what you should get, but come on. Whatever your budget, his sense of style, hobbies, or interests, these 58 unique and fun gifts for your boyfriend hand-picked by Women’s Health editors (and their boyfriends) have got you covered. You’re welcome. Plus, these gifts are appropriate for all types of relationships—these recommendations come from serious girlfriends who are now fiancés to people who have only been in a casual relationship for a few months.

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I know, I know. It's very early to start thinking about holiday gifts, but hear me out. This can be the year you stop procrastinating and have to resort to a last-minute present. Summer's almost over (I'm sorry!!), and it'll be fall before you know it. Plus, it's not like anything here's going to expire, so if something sparks your interest, go ahead and add it to your cart and brag to everyone about how you got all your holiday shopping done before department stores start selling ornaments.

In fact, this expertly-curated list includes a range of products that will fit your S.O. perfectly. But, they can also apply to your bestie, dad, husband, uncle, or cool nephew—you get the gist. TLDR? The hard part is over once you add one of the below to your cart.

1. Smart Bluetooth Wireless Beanie

HD Stereo Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Smart Beanie
Soundbot HD Stereo Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Smart Beanie
Now 57% Off
$13 at Amazon

If your S.O. is all about hitting the slopes this season, he needs to have a soundtrack with him. Enter this soft, double-knit beanie that uniquely doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

2. Heated Back and Neck Massager

Shiatsu Heated Neck and Back Massager
Nekteck Shiatsu Heated Neck and Back Massager
Now 15% Off

If your dude spends all day hunched over a desk, because #life, this gift is basically guaranteed to make you Girlfriend of the Year—not that you had any real competition, of course.

3. The New York Times Custom Football Book

New York Times Custom Football Book
New York Times Custom Football Book

Class up his Sunday game-binge with this custom coffee-table book chronicling the greatest moments in his favorite team's history. I mean, it's basically a priceless collector's item you can snag for under $100.

4. Wireless Bluetooth Cell Phone Stand

Wireless Bluetooth Cell Phone Stand
JTEMAN Wireless Bluetooth Cell Phone Stand

If he's constantly FaceTiming or watching Netflix on his phone, he (and his neck) are going to love this wireless cell phone stand that has bluetooth technology. It'll be a savior for those late night scroll sessions, too.

5. 3-in-1 Charging Station

Intoval Wireless Charger, 3 in 1 Charger for iPhone/iWatch/Airpods, Qi-Certified Charging Station for iPhone 13/12/11/Pro/Max/XS/Max/XR/XS/X, iWatch 7/6/SE/5/4/3/2, Airpods Pro/3/2/1 (Z5,White)
Intoval Wireless Charger, 3 in 1 Charger for iPhone/iWatch/Airpods, Qi-Certified Charging Station for iPhone 13/12/11/Pro/Max/XS/Max/XR/XS/X, iWatch 7/6/SE/5/4/3/2, Airpods Pro/3/2/1 (Z5,White)

Got an S.O. who's also an Apple addict? He'll totally appreciate this sleek, useful charging station that fits perfectly his cool bedroom aesthetic. It's the gift that keeps on giving since he'll never have to live without a fully-charged Apple Watch ever again.

    6. Le Labo Fragrance Discovery Set

    Discovery Set
    Le Labo Discovery Set

    Ready for your man to smell like a million bucks? From sexy blends of leather and cedar to spicy scents, he'll give a selection of Le Labo's luxe fragrances a test drive. (FYI, these are the scents bougie hotels use in their lobbies.)

    7. 1884 Small Batch Whiskey

    1884 Small Batch Whiskey
    Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey
    Credit: Courtesy

    Big whiskey guy on your hands? Treat him to a bottle of Uncle Nearest's, a brand inspired by the first known African-American master distiller. Cheers!

    8. Jambys Boxers With Pockets

    Gray/Lavender Jambys
    jambys Gray/Lavender Jambys

    "My boyfriend and I are obsessed with this loungewear brand—and you will be, too," says former Women's Health editorial assistant Madeline Howard. "They sell the most comfortable boxers, long johns, and tees on earth. (The fabric feels like butter!) Your bae will love wearing these while he works from home. Promise."

    9. Decorative Plant Pot

    Face Flower Planter
    AIMEBBY Face Flower Planter
    Now 49% Off

    If your boyfriend is also a plant parent, spice up his space with this fun decorative pot that's shaped like a zen face. Want to take your gift up a notch? You can also buy a plant and pot it for him, too.

    10. Superhero Themed Mug

    Marvel Avengers Ceramic Mug
    Silver Buffalo Marvel Avengers Ceramic Mug
    Now 45% Off

    Coffee: It gives mere mortals a reason to get out of bed in the morning, including your boyfriend. That's why you should give him this superhero-themed mug paired with some of his fave beans for his morning brew—this is a great low-key gift if you're a new couple.

    11. Convertible Backpack/Duffel Bag

    Convertible Backpack
    Away Convertible Backpack

    From traveler-loved brand Away, this convertible backpack-duffel duo is not your typical travel bag. Made from recycled materials, it has a 45-liter capacity and comes outfitted with a trolley sleeve for hands-free travel, compression straps to pack things in tightly, and removable backpack straps to transform this in to a duffel bag. It's even water resistant!

    12. Skincare Starter Kit

    Anthony Starter Kit
    Anthony Starter Kit

    Look—a good skincare set isn't just for us ladies. So, make sure bae has the best products at his disposal for the most precious skin. This line by Anthony will totally amp up his nighttime and morning self-care routine.

    13. Zodiac Candle

    Healing Crystal Zodiac Candle
    The Mindful Collective Healing Crystal Zodiac Candle

    PSA: Your spiritual boyfriend needs to keep this by his desk during the day. His zen side will thank you, and you'll get a more calm bf after work—now that's what I call a win-win. This is another one that's great if you're more casual or just started dating.

    14. Leather Bookmarks

    Custom Leather Bookmarks
    FKOG Custom Leather Bookmarks

    Got a book lover bae? This next-level custom bookmark is the unique gift for him. You can get yourselves matching ones, give both to him, or give another to the other book lover in your life—it's a great stocking stuffer.

    15. Airbnb Gift Card

    Gift Card
    Airbnb Gift Card

    Sure, this might selfishly be one that you can also benefit from, but if you two love traveling together, contribute to your next vaca with an Airbnb gift card in the amount you choose. Whether he uses it to book a cozy cabin in the woods or a glam penthouse in Hong Kong, he'll love unwrapping this one.

    16. Herbal Tea Advent Calendar

    Tea Advent Calendar
    Pukka Tea Advent Calendar

    Another great casual gift for a new relationship, give your tea-obsessed BF this advent calendar filled with a variety of herbal teas guaranteed to keep him warm in the new year. And of course, he'll share a few cups with you as a thank you.

    17. Wine Art Print

    Custom 12x12 Canvas Print
    NWT Custom 12x12 Canvas Print

    Is he the sentimental type? Gift him a custom canvas print of a picture of you and him (or just his dog, ya know).

    18. Juicer

    Ultra Power Juicer
    Mueller Austria Ultra Power Juicer
    Now 22% Off

    This juicer is perfect for the boyfriend who's been spending tons of money on fresh-squeezed OJ or fancy green juices. Plus, it has easy cleaning technology and you two can have fun experimenting with new recipes together!

      19. 9-in-1 Trimmer

      9-in-1 Hair Trimmer
      Braun 9-in-1 Hair Trimmer

      Give him the gift of a clean shave or trim this holiday season. This trimmer includes nine attachments, so this can be used anywhere from his head to his beard, ears, nose, and more.

      20. Bluetooth Eye Mask

      Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask
      TOPOINT Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask

      This bluetooth eye mask will meet all his sleep needs. If he likes to lull himself to sleep with ocean sounds or a podcast, this'll spare you from having to hear them, too. And of course, it's also an eye mask that'll keep him from waking when you pull open the curtains early in the morning.

      21. Morning Person Sweatshirt

      The Morning Person Sweatshirt
      Women's Health The Morning Person Sweatshirt

      If you can't beat his habit of being an early riser, fuel it. This Morning Person sweatshirt might become his new go-to on his morning workouts. And hey, if you're right there with him, get yourself a matching one, too.

      22. Custom Whisky Glasses

      Custom Whiskey Glass Set Of 4
      DADDY FACTORY Custom Whiskey Glass Set Of 4

      What's better than a glass of whiskey? Whiskey in a glass that's customized. Maybe it's his last name, favorite sports team, or where went to school—either way, it's sure to bring a smile to his face every time he takes a sip.

      23. Reclaimed Wood Cityscape

      Reclaimed Wood Cityscape
      Uncommon Goods Reclaimed Wood Cityscape
      Credit: Uncommon Goods

      Whether he still lives in his beloved hometown or reps it hard from afar, he'll love this original tribute to his roots. This piece, made from reclaimed barn wood and a laser-cut skyline, is a perfect fit for any decor vibe.

      24. Camping Set

      22-Piece Camping Set
      OZARK TRAIL 22-Piece Camping Set

      If your boyfriend and Ron Swanson have a lot in common, his next overnight stay in the great outdoors will totally benefit from this 22-piece camping set that'll upgrade all of his current gear, from a tent and sleeping bags and pillows to chairs, a lantern, foam mat, and much more.

      25. Record Player

      Vintage Bluetooth Record Player
      Victrola Vintage Bluetooth Record Player

      This isn't just a cool vintage record player—it has all. the perks of the 21st century with the ability to connect to a phone via bluetooth and stereo speakers. Available. in over a dozen different colors, this record player will be a big hit (ha, get it?) with your music-loving beau.

      26. Personalized Leather AirPods Case

      Custom Leather AirPods Case
      AudioSpice Custom Leather AirPods Case

      Instead of splurging on actual AirPods (especially if the relationship is new, and you're not willing to drop hundos just yet), go with a classy, customizable leather case to stash them in.

      27. Noise Cancelling Earbuds

      Bluetooth Noise Canceling Earbuds
      JLAB Bluetooth Noise Canceling Earbuds
      Now 30% Off
      $48 at Amazon

      AirPods, who? These bluetooth earbuds offer great quality at a waaay cheaper price than some ~other~ accessories. And yep, they're noise cancelling, so he can tune you out while you're on the phone with your bestie during his WFH calls.

      28. Hot Sauce Making Kit

      Hot Sauce Making Kit
      Grow and Make Hot Sauce Making Kit

      Not for the faint of heart—or taste buds—this DIY hot sauce making kit is perfect for the ~spicy~ guy in your life. It's a great activity to do together, too!

      29. Date Night Cookbook

      Date Night Cookbook
      Date Night Cookbook
      Now 10% Off

      Whether you're both learning how to cook or just want something new and fun to do together, a cookbook is a great way to buy bae an experience on a budget. Plus, this book plans a whole date night for you centered around the meals!

      30. Scratch-Off Map

      Scratch-Off World Map With Flags
      Travelization Scratch-Off World Map With Flags

      Not to get all mushy buuuuut love is kind of the best adventure...right? If you and your guy love traveling together, he'll fall in love with this unique wall art. Scratch off all the places you've been together and put a pin in all the places you want to put on your travel bucket list.

      31. At-Home Cold Brew Kit

      Iced Coffee Cold Brew Kit
      Grady's Cold Brew Iced Coffee Cold Brew Kit

      Got a fun BF who's so on-the-go, he doesn't have time to make his own coffee in the morning, much less wait in line at Starbucks? Gift him this easy-to-use cold-brew kit he can store right in the fridge. All he has to do is fill it up with water, let it steep overnight, and—voila!—cold-brew concentrate for a week. (Plus, you'll get to reap the caffeine-fueled benefits every time you sleep over, too.)

      32. Custom Matching Robes

      Two Custom Waffle Robes
      AW BRIDAL Two Custom Waffle Robes

      Is it just me, or are matching robes a true relationship landmark? If you feel you and your guy are ready for that step, gift him (and yourself) this custom matching set. They're made with a soft, breathable cotton that's perfect for those post-shower cuddles.

      33. Beard Care Kit

      Beard Grooming Kit
      XIKEZAN Beard Grooming Kit
      Now 30% Off

      If he goes all out for Movember every year, he's totes going to need some assistance in the grooming department come December. The perfect solution is this very comprehensive set of beard wash, conditioner, balm, oil, clippers, comb and boar bristle brush—a bonus gift to you during your next makeout sesh.

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      34. LED Flashlight Gloves

      LED Flashlight Gloves
      MOIPEJO LED Flashlight Gloves

      Whether they love a pre-sunrise run, late night bike ride, or just have fun repairing cars as a side gig, these LED flashlight gloves are going to come in very *handy* (lol, get it?).

      35. Silk Cashmere Sweater

      Silk & Cashmere Crewneck Sweater
      Nordstrom Silk & Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

      Who doesn't love a man in a soft sweater?! This cashmere-silk find is a buttery soft luxury he may not typically get for himself, so that's all the more reason for you to gift it to him. (Best part? You can totally say he's made of "boyfriend material" whenever he wears it.)

      36. Lululemon Shirt

      Commission Long Sleeve Shirt
      Lululemon Commission Long Sleeve Shirt

      Ok, I know what you're thinking—shirts are such a cliche gift, but hear me out. This isn't a typical button-up. My boyfriend's obsessed with Lululemon's shirts because they're stretchy, breathable, wrinkle-resistant and just as comfy as all the brand's iconic workout clothes. Bae's going to thank you forever when he's pit stain-free, comfy, and stylish year-round.

      37. Bike Phone Mount

      Universal Bike Phone Mount
      Roam Universal Bike Phone Mount
      Now 32% Off

      This bestselling phone mount from Amazon will definitely come in handy whenever your biking boyfriend needs a GPS (or to FaceTime you) on his treks. The universal bike phone mount can securely fit almost any cell phone up to three and a half inches wide, and its clamp size is adjustable to fit a range of handlebar sizes.

      38. The Squat Father Muscle Tee

      The Squat Father
      Ann Arbor T-shirt Co. The Squat Father

      Gym-going couples, this one's for you. If you and your boyfriend only made things official a few months (or even weeks) before the holidays, a low-key and lighthearted gift like this is perfect.

      39. Gin Making Kit

      Gin Making Kit
      Get Kombucha Gin Making Kit

      Is it just me, or do gin lovers get particularly obsessed with their liquer of choice? Don't be surprised if they throw a whole party to celebrate the new elixirs they'll be making out of this gin-making kit.

      40. Dirty Candle

      Naughty Candle
      LEADO Naughty Candle
      Now 18% Off

      Another great idea for a newer or more casual couple, this also makes a fun, naughty add-on or stocking stuffer to a larger present. (Just make sure you're not around the fam when he opens this one.)

      41. Math Socks

      Math Socks
      Socksmith Math Socks
      Credit: Socksmith

      Got a boyfriend who's super brainy? Help him show off his nerdy side with these math socks that are cute and educational—the perfect stocking stuffer.

      42. Whisky Decanter

      Whiskey Decanter Set with Globe Glasses
      Oaksea Whiskey Decanter Set with Globe Glasses
      Now 20% Off

      Ok, so he's already got all the fancy whisky glasses in the world, and you have no clue how to pick a good bottle of the alcohol yourself. This fancy AF whisky decanter is going to be a standby on his bar cart, and he'll of course credit you every time he gets compliments (which will be often).

      43. E-Bike

      Electric Bike
      TotGuard Electric Bike

      Yes, this one's a splurge, but if you have the budget, your bae who loves to bike is going to seriously appreciate this electric upgrade to the one he's been riding since high school. It's perfect if he loves doing hilly or mountainous bike rides.

      44. Leather Apple Watch Band

      Leather Apple Watch Band
      KYISGOS Leather Apple Watch Band
      Now 63% Off

      If your guy's always getting competitive about the steps he's taking and tracking on his Apple Watch, he'll love a stylish leather band to upgrade his tech game. The dark brown is classic, but it comes in dozens of color options to match his vibe.

      45. Inflatable Lounger Hammock

      Inflatable Lounger Sofa
      WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger Sofa

      Take your picnics to the next level with an inflatable lounger hammock. A useful gift that's perfect for the park or beach, this air-filled couch is not only portable and comfy, but also ridiculously easy to set up and take down.

      46. Wine Opener And Preserver Set

      Electric Wine Opener And Preservation Set
      Moocoo Electric Wine Opener And Preservation Set

      Of course, your boyfriend is so strong he could open a bottle of wine with his bare hands (at least, that's what you can tell him when you give him this sleek electric wine opener and vacuum preserver set). It makes opening and re-sealing a bottle of wine much more effortless.

      47. Nike Mid '77 Sneakers

      Mid '77 Vintage Sneakers
      Nike Mid '77 Vintage Sneakers

      Sneakerheads basically consider shoes a religion. These vintage Nikes are definitely going to be a stylish, unique addition to their shoe shrine.

      48. Wall Pay Phone

      'Pay Phone'
      Crosley 'Pay Phone'

      Lovers of all things nostalgia will seriously appreciate this wall "pay phone" that makes for seriously cute vintage decor. The little coin bank actually works, too!

      49. Pizza Oven

      Pizza Oven
      Continental Electric Pizza Oven
      Now 28% Off

      Pizza night has met its match (in drool-worthy heaven) with this solid steel oven. Just think of all the cute dinner parties and date nights you'll have with this.

      50. Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

      Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer
      MEATER Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

      This combines his love for grilling (cliché, but so true) with his obsession of linking everything to his smartphone. The wireless thermometer is outfitted with dual sensors to monitor meat and external temperature, giving him more control over cooking the perfect steak.

      It also works with ovens and smokers, so you'll have just-right meat no matter where (or how) he's cooking it.

      51. Custom Monogram Branding Iron

      Custom Monogram Branding Iron
      BBQ Fans Custom Monogram Branding Iron

      Dating a grill master? He'll love making his mark on every meal—literally—with this custom monogrammed branding iron. (Want to give him a bonus gift? Post the final product to your IG story, so the whole world can see his ~skills~.)

      52. Moving Sky Sand Art

      Moving Sky Sand Art
      Aoderun Moving Sky Sand Art

      Instantly add tons of cool to your guy's space with this moving sky-sand art. Then, sit back and watch the ever-changing artistic formations unfold. It makes a super soothing and calming addition to an office space.

      53. UGG Sherpa Slippers

      Tasman Chestnut Suede Slippers
      UGG Tasman Chestnut Suede Slippers

      Typical slippers? Boring gift. These luxe UGG slippers are totally stylish and unlike anything he's put his feet inside, though. No matter what kind of day he's had, your partner’s guaranteed to be in a better mood once these sherpa-lined beauties come on.

      54. Custom Pillow

      Custom Photo Pillow
      Shop&Three Custom Photo Pillow
      Credit: Courtesy

      Give him the gift of the best decor his living room has ever had with a custom pillow outfitted with a picture of you, his family, or just him and his furry BFF.

      55. Minimalist Leather Card Holder

      Leather Pocket Slim Wallet
      Clifton Heritage Leather Pocket Slim Wallet

      Wallets might seem boring, but this sleek, slim one is perfect for him to slip into his pocket and go. Reviewers love it for its simple design, and it's handcrafted in India.

      56. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

      Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
      Bose Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
      Now 17% Off

      It may be small, but the sound is loud and crisp. The sturdy speaker resists dents and scratches, and it’s waterproof—perfect for bringing along on park dates or a beach vaca.

      57. Seagate Game Drive For Xbox

      Seagate Game Drive for Xbox External Hard Drive
      Seagate Game Drive for Xbox External Hard Drive
      Now 20% Off

      While you might not exactly love his video game obsession, you love him. So, why not show that love by giving him an external hard drive to store all the games he can't possibly live without? He'll love you all the more because you just, ya know, get him.

      58. Couples Questions Cards

      Couples Prompt Cards
      TALKING POINT CARDS Couples Prompt Cards

      Whether you're a new couple and want to learn more about your partner, or have been together for decades and want to add some more depth to your relationship, these question cards are fun to pull out on dinner dates. My boyfriend and I have used them on road trips to keep things interesting, too!