• Lady Gaga has been hard at work breaking glass ceilings this week at Fenway Park, and she posted a TikTok video that showed off just how impressive her new feat was.
  • The singer flashed her ultra-toned booty in an impressive leather bodysuit while performing on stage.
  • Gaga has been doing yoga for decades, and started the practice when she was still in college.

How’s your week been? That’s cool, because Lady Gaga just broke a record for having the highest-attended and highest-paid show at Boston’s Fenway Park ever. At least according to Mother Monster.

Gaga casually mentioned this little tidbit in a new TikTok that features footage from the show. “When you just played Fenway Park’s highest attended and highest paid show of ALL TIME,” she wrote over the TikTok.

In the video, which shows Gaga on the big screen, the singer can be seen giving the camera serious face before turning and sauntering away in a black, leather bodysuit and sheer tights that showcase her seriously toned booty. Gaga gives a final turn and does a Michael Jackson-style dance move before striking a final monster pose.

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“In other words, it’s called being a legend 🤷🏻‍♂️🤘🏼🤘🏼💖,” one person wrote in the comments. “Stunning 🥰,” another chimed in. "No one does it like Gaga!!!!!" a third wrote. Yup, agreed.

Gaga hasn’t shared a ton of details on her fitness routine—including how she works that toned peach—but she has shared little BTS snippets to give fans some hints.

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For starters, Gaga is big—huge—into yoga. She’s been practicing since 2004, at which time she was still a student at New York University, her former yoga teacher told The New York Times. Every once in a while, Gaga will drop a little reminder on Instagram of just how talented she is in the yoga department, like this tripod headstand photo from January.

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When she’s not whipping out high level yoga moves, you can find Gaga on the tennis court.

…or blazing her way through Pilates, a known booty-booster and all-over toning workout:

Oh! And she’s an avid equestrian, too. Back in January, Gaga shared that she took a few years off from the sport after her horse died, but she’s now back in the saddle (literally).

Gaga also revealed that during her Vegas residency, she was known to swim laps here and there, jokingly calling herself “Gaga Phelps.”

On the food front, Gaga has a personal chef—childhood friend Bo O’Connor—who helps her stay "really disciplined” and healthy even when she's super busy on tour, according to The New Potato. “Whether I’m cooking or we’re going out, she’ll usually pick Italian,” O’Connor said. “It’s just home for her.”

Breaking records with a toned booty...you love to see it.