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11 Best Quick, Easy Press-On Nails For Long-Lasting Manicures In 2022, Per Nail Artists

They're *way* more affordable than salon manis.

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It's 2022, and nail art trends are hotter than ever. I practically get more compliments on my fresh manicures than I do my cute, new outfits nowadays. And, as much fun as it can be to stop by your local nail salon every few weeks, that can get seriously pricey and do some major damage to your digits. Enter: press-on nails. They're mega affordable (usually under $10!), never chip, last up to a month long, and usually only take about 10 or 15 quick and easy minutes to put on.

But press-on (also known as "glue-on") nails aren't just for my fellow low-maintenance beauty lovers. Celebrity nail artists and manicurists love them, too. "A good set of press-on nails look like real nails, make you feel amazing, and allow you to change up your look whenever you want, however you want," says manicure trend expert Olivia Van Iderstine. And, celebrity nail artist Mei Kawajiri agrees (she did Gigi Hadid and Nicola Coughlin for the Met Gala!).

If you're anything like me when I first started using press-on nails, you might also be feeling a little bit nervous about the actual application process. Not to worry! Trust me when I say that if I can do it, *anyone* can. And, there are tons of options for press-on nails, my favorite of which are the mess-free ones that already have adhesive attached, so all you have to do is literally press them on to your fingers.

The benefits don't stop at how trendy and affordable press-on nails can be, either. Dermatologist Dr. Dana Stern, MD specializes in nail health and praises the benefits, too. "The advantage with press-on nails is that the adhesive is theoretically only coming into contact with the nail and not the surrounding skin," she says.

Now that you know press-on nails are editor, dermatologist, and celeb manicurist-approved, see below for 11 of the best expert-loved kits and trends you can get now.

1.Kiss imPress French Manicure

            Best For Beginners
            KISS imPRESS French Manicure
            $14.99 (25% off)

            Less of a trend and more of a classic, Iderstine loves a good french manicure. The clean look will never go out of style, and this pack of 30 short nails are great for press-on newbies because you don't need glue—simply press them on like they're stickers for your nails.

            Plus, Kiss' budget and beginner-friendly kit comes with everything you'll need, from a nail-cleaning prep wipe and cuticle pusher to a mini nail file you can either use on your real nails or to shape the press-ons. What's even better is that this particular kit comes with some glittery nails you can use to mix up your look, if you'd like to.

            Length: Short

            Kit Includes: 30 adhesive nails, cuticle stick, file, and nail wipe

            2. Glamnetic Rainbow French Tips

            Most Long-Lasting
            Glamnetic Press On Nails

            Color-blocking isn't just stylish in clothing right now—Iderstine says that a color-blocked french manicure is totally on-trend. Glamnetic's press-ons already come ready with a UV finish, so you won't have to worry about them getting scratched, and the negative space at the bottom means you can totally let them grow out for a bit without anyone knowing the difference. I've actually had these on for three weeks and *just* received a compliment on them today. Bonus: Every mirror selfie you take will have a little colorful surprise.

            Length: Medium

            Kit Includes: 24 nails, glue, cuticle stick, file, and nail wipe

            3. Kiss Full Cover Nails

            Best Fitting
            KISS100 Full Cover Nails Kit
            $5.39 (10% off)

            Kawajiri stresses that the most important quality in a press-on nail is that it fit well. "The sizing should match your nail beds closely in order for the tips to look realistic, and to prevent them from falling off." This mega affordable kit of 100(!) nails offers 10 different sizes, and the customization doesn't stop there—paint them whatever color you'd like, or stick with the all-white color. You can even shave them down further to match your exact nail shape.

            Length: Short to Medium

            Kit Includes: 100 nails and glue

            4. CoolNail Ombre Nails

            Best Ombre Nails
            CoolNail Ombre French Ballerina Press-Ons
            Coolnail amazon.com

            In the same way color-blocking made its way from fashion to nails, ombre isn't just for your hair anymore either. Kawajiri loves the trend, and while you could do it in this nude shade, you can also go bold with these extra long black and white ones. Both come in the trendy coffin shape, but you can shave them down to an oval, square, or whatever your preference may be once the glue dries. Just note that nail glue doesn't come in this kit, so you'll want to buy some separately, here.

            Length: Medium

            Kit Includes: 24 nails

            5. MD Mad Doll Neon Nail Kit

            Best Multi-Colored Kit
            MD Mad Doll Neon Nail Kit
            MD MAD DOLL amazon.com
            $26.99 (10% off)

            Press-ons allow you to experiment with patterns and designs you might've taken a lot of time and money to get done at a salon, and there's no better way to experiement than with this multi-colored nail kit. Sure, you could go in with the same color on each finger, but Iderstine is really digging the mix-and-match tonal mani. "Choose a shape and length you love, then combine a few different colors for a bold, colorful look!" This all-inclusive kit comes with eight nail colors, glue, adhesive stickers if you want to skip the glue, and pre and post-adhesive wipes.

            Length: Medium

            Kit Includes: 192 nails, glue, adhesive tabs, cuticle stick, file, and nail wipes

            6. Yosomk Abstract Face Nails

            Best Abstract Nails
            Abstract Face Nails
            YOSOMK amazon.com
            $7.99 (11% off)

            This artistic, French museum-worthy manicure is a great way to get playful with your design while staying minimalist with color. The short design and negative space will make this last for a long time, too. Kawajiri is super in to abstract designs like this one right now, too. This kit comes with both adhesive tabs and nail glue, the latter of which will make them last longer but the former of which is much easier to apply, so you can choose which is best for you.

            Length: Short

            Kit Includes: 24 nails, adhesive tabs, glue, cuticle stick, and file

            7. Glamnetic Wild Card Nails

            Best Multi-Print Nails
            Glamnetic Wild Card Press-On Nails

            Another upside of press-on nails? You can opt for something really bold and simply take them right off if/when you aren't feeling them anymore. "Nails are my biggest accessory, so I like to lean into being playful by doing a different color or design on each nail,". These Glamnetic ones have a different design on each nail, but they maintain consistency with color so they aren't too crazy.

            Length: Medium

            Kit Includes: 24 nails, glue, cuticle stick, file, and nail wipe

            8. Static Peach French Manicure Set

            Best Neon Nails
            Static Peach French Manicure Set
            Static Nails staticnails.com

            If you love the French mani look, but don't want to lean too much into the #TBT vibes, Iderstine loves a pop of neon. The kit comes with a buffer, nail file, non-damaging glue, and 12 different size options. These nails can last up to 18 days when applied just right, too!

            Length: Long

            Kit Includes: 24 nails, glue, buffer, and nail file

            9. Kiss imPress Gel Nail Kit

            Best Solid Nails
            KISS imPRESS Press-On Gel Nail Kit
            $5.97 (15% off)

            I can't paint my nails one solid color without looking like it was done by a toddler, so I love these short no-glue-needed adhesive nails for when I want something quick, easy, and long-lasting. Available in 16 color options, Iderstine says a short, solid-colored nail is "always fresh, so effortless, fun, and chic!"

            Length: Short

            Kit Includes: 30 adhesive nails, cuticle stick, file, and nail wipe

            10. Olive And June Press-Ons

            Best Eco-Friendly Nails
            Groovy Swirl Press-Ons
            Olive and June oliveandjune.com

            It's hard to ignore the fact that press-on nails can, of course, be contributing to a larger amount of waste in the world. If that's something you are conscious of, you'll feel more comfortable with Iderstine's personal favorite brand, Olive and June. All of their trendy press-ons are made with 94 percent post-consumer materials.

            Length: Medium

            Kit Includes: 42 nails, glue, buffer, and nail wipe

            11. Chillhouse Reusable Nails

            Best Editor-Loved Nails
            Lavender Latte Press-Ons
            Chillhouse chillhouse.com

            Loved by both myself, Women's Health editorial assistant Sabrina Talbert, and our beauty editor Danielle Jackson, Chillhouse brought their cult-favorite manicures to everyone's homes with their boxed press-ons. Not only does the brand do the trendiest designs out there, they're super durable, so you can easily reuse them.

            Length: Medium

            Kit Includes: 24 nails, glue, buffer, cuticle stick, and file

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